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In The Karate Kid sequals Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel karate In the Karate Kid sequals Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel karate


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Noriyuki "Pat" Morita played Mr. Kesuke Miyagi in "The Karate Kid".

The teacher in the karate kid movie

Mr. Miyagi, played by Pat Morita.Mr. Kesuke Miyagi The actor's name is Pat Morita.

yes. in the 2010 film version. Jackie Chan is Mr Miyagi

In the movie, 'The Karate Kid' the instructor, Mr. Miyagi, is from Okinawa, now a part of Japan. The 2010 remake is set in China.

He meant that karate was not something to use due to the anger you could feel in your gut.

Karate is a serious and dangerous martial art. It can result in injuries and get someone into a lot of trouble if they hurt someone.

The Karate Kid was a 1984 martial arts drama film starring Ralph Maschio as the titular Karate Kid. It also starred Elisabeth Shue and Noriyuki Morita as Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi died on November 24, 2005, at age 73.

Yes, "The Next Karate Kid." It had Mr. Miyagi played by Pat Morita and Hillary Swank played the orphaned girl.

Pat Morita as "Mr Miyagi" in the movie Karate Kid Part II

Karate. More specifically, Go Jyu Ryu (pronounced goh joo roo). It's a very good style.

There is one of the original series that had a female lead entitled The Next Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi was a friend of her father and he ended up being her guardian. She was played by Hillary Swank.

His name was Daniel LaRusso in the movie but his actual name was Ralph Macchio he was in a movie called "The Outsiders" before he came to be The Karate Kid.

It's now in production starring Jackie Chan as Mr Miyagi and Will Smith's son Jayden as Daniel

Actor Pat Morita, AKA Mr. Kesuke Miyagi 28 June 1932 - 24 November 2005

Hes referring to the movie karate kid, where the character mr. miyagi has a famous line "wax on, wax off" about car washing.

He was a veteran of World War II. So the character would have been he was probably in his late 50's or early 60's.

Mr Karate was created in 1993.

It was a bonsai tree. They are often many centuries old. They are real trees that have been kept trimmed and small their entire lives.

The cobra Kai finally got to him

Karate is not played. Karate is a martial art that is learned and practiced, but it is not a game.

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