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Little Turtle and Blue Jacket

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Q: Who led Native Americans in the raiding of settlements in the Ohio valley?
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Why did King George II forbid colonists from settling in the Ohio river valley after it was gained by Britain from France?

the british army could not protect settlers from native americans

How did the colonist respond to the British proclamation of 1763?

The proclamation of 1763 was a public announcement that said all lands of the Appalachian Mountains belonged to the Native Americans. Colonists became angry with the Proclamation of 1763 because the Proclamation gave the Crown a monopoly on land bought from Native Americans. So, instead of listening and following the Proclamations rules and orders, they ignored them. They were angry that Britain had limited the area available for settlement. They were also upset because the law forbade them from settling in the Ohio River Valley where there was fertile soil for farming, and the Native Americans weren't using it. Many colonists had already bought land west of the Appalachians and now weren't allowed to move. Many colonists did not respect the Native Americans and did not want to preserve their land. The colonists just ignored the law and moved across the Appalachians.

When did the first Europeans arrive in the Mississippi River Valley?

Vikings are thought to have traveled thru the St. Lawrence and into the Great Lakes around 1000 AD, but made no permanent settlements. The next Europeans to arrive were the French under Louis Jolliet and Pierre Marquette in 1673. The pair traveled downriver but no settlements were made on the Mississippi proper.

Whose expedition stopped the British in the Ohio Valley and ended any threat of a Native American attack?

george rogers clark

Where did proclamation of 1763 take place?

At the end of the French and Indian War, the colonists who had believed they would be able to expand westward, found out that the British had announced the Proclamation of 1763 with the Native Americans, prohibiting westward expansion. The colonists believed this was done to keep them all in the area along the east coast so that they would be easier to contain.

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Who led Native Americans in the raiding of settlements in Ohio Valley?

Little Turtle and Blue Jacket

Native Americans attacked English settlements in the Ohio valley?


Who led native Americans in the raiding of settlement in Ohio valley?

Little Turtle and Blue Jacket

When did the Native Americans attack English settlement in the Ohio Valley?

The Native Americans attacked English settlements in the Ohio Valley during the year of 1763, after the end of the French and Indian War.

What did the Native Americans call Death Valley?

the native Americans called death valley 'Ground on fire"

What did french missionaries do to earn the friendship of Native Americans?

They went to Mississippi River Valley to convert Native Americans to Catholicism but did not try to change their customs.

Why did the french british and native Americans fight over the Ohio valley?

it said many native americans' joinied the french ...

Who won the battle of cherry valley?

The mixed British, Loyalist and Native American raiding force under overall command of Walter Butler.

Why did the Native Americans want control of the Ohio River valley?


What impact did pioneers moving to the Ohio Valley have on the native Americans that already lived their in the Seventies?

The Native Americans were forced to move west of the Mississippi River.

What placed caused conflict for the British French and Native Americans?

Ohio River valley

What area of profitable fur trade with native Americans?

It was Ohio valley :3