Who likes math?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Well, it depends on your mind. If you're mind likes it then you like it.

I know many people that likes math:

These are my classmates that likes math











and lots more....

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Q: Who likes math?
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What is math monkey?

Someone who likes math.

What is the predicate in the sentence Hannah likes math?


Is there a My Little Pony that likes math?

You could argue that Twilight Sparkle likes math. She is a scholar, and therefore likes to learn about EVERYTHING. She defintely believes in science, so I don't see why she doesn't like math.

What is the best job for someone who likes a lot of math?

Our math teacher said there a lot of math in being a Architecture.

What is the best career for someone who likes math?

The best career for someone who likes math would be an accountant or if you were into art as well you could become an architect.

Does the girl In math like me?

If you believe that I have psychic powers, and that even though I do not know who you are or who the girl in math class is I can still tell if she likes you, then the answer is yes, she likes you. And so do I.

Who is the biggist math hater?

naomi joy bennett and for the record anyone who likes math is stupid

Hannah likes math what is the complete predicate?


What is Taylor lautner's favorite school subject?

Well he likes math

Does Dora The Explorer likes to spell?

No She likes reading,math spanish science social studies, better than spelling

Should there be more women in math and science?

This should be based on interest, not gender. It all depends on if the person likes math/science or not.

What was Justin Moore like in high school?

he likes math and biology and likes to be the popular in class but he is one not just popular his famous...!!