Who lives on the Alps?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Animals and people lives on the Alps. There are hares and Alpine Salamanders, Alpine Apollo Butterfly, and many more.

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I do !

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Q: Who lives on the Alps?
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What lives on the alps?


What lives in the alps?

Animals and people.

Who lives in the European alps?

The Swiss, Tyroleans and Bavarians.

What is a poem by Byron where the protagonist lives in a Gothic castle in the alps called?


How do the mountain ranges in Europe impact the lives of people who live near them?


A poem by lord Byron in which the protagonist lives in a Gothic Castle in the alps?

"Manfred" of course.

What are the divisions of the Alps?

Western alps, central alps, and eastern alps

What are the geographical barriers of the Italian peninsula?

The Alps The Alps

What type of mountain range is the alps?

what type of mountain is the alps in The alps are a range of mountains in Europe.

Which mountains would have to be created to get form northern Italy to Switzerland?

The Alps are the mountains that would have to be crossed.

What is the mountain range of the French-Swiss border?

that answer is the alps

What is the mountain in the Swiss?

They are in the Alps. The Swiss Alps are the section of the Alps that are in Switzerland.