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Who made a Western Field 20 ga single barrel with a solid rib?


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That would be Western Field.


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Normal price for a store-brand 12 gauge is $90-$150, but if it is really in 100% new condition it might bring a bit more.

Nothing without you providing a detailed description of your shotgun,to include the model,serial number to age your shotgun and what type of barrel it has(single,double,over under etc.)also include if it is a plain barrel,solid matte rib,or vent rib barrel.

In order to answer your question correctly,I would need the maker of the shotgun,shotgun model,and type of shotgun we are talking about(pump action,single shot,semi-auto etc.) I would also need to know what type of barrel you have(plain barrel,solid matte rib,or vent rib barrel).also include the overall condition of your shotgun and amount of blueing remaining on the receiver and barrel.

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The last year for the solid rib barrel in a auto-5 shotgun was 1975.

A rib is a raised strip of metal that runs the length of the top of the barrel. A ventilated rib is not solid, but has slots beneath the solid strip.

That would depend on the type of barrel with the shotgun(plain,matte solid rib,or vent rib barrel)if a poly choke is present on the end of the barrel,and what condition the shotgun is in.

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Made in the 1960's by Mossberg. It is a good solid .22 bolt-action and in any decent shape will bring $100-$140.

It is a Mossberg model 85 Made for Montgomery Ward. They were manufactured between 1940 and 1947. They are decent guns. solid, reliable, and consistent.

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In order to give you a accurate value please include the serial number to date your sweet sixteen shotgun along with the overall condition,and what type of barrel that your shotgun has (plain barrel,solid matte rib.or vent rib barrel).

325-375 dollars for a gun with a plain barrel.375-450 dollars for a gun with the matte rib(solid) barrel,and 475-550 dollars for the model with a vent rib barrel.

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