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Who made a set of calculating rods from bone or ivory?

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What is a rod made of?

There are a variety of rods, such as curtain rods, lightning rods, stirring rods, etc. They are generally made from metal or wood, but stirring rods can be made of glass or plastic.

Interconnecting rods or plates of bone are called what?


What are the interconnecting rods of cancellous bone called?


What are fishing rods made of?

fishing rods are made of fibreglass and woodVery few rods are made of fiberglass and almost none are made of wood. You can still get fiberglass rods but for mostly heavy duty fishing like ocean fishing. The only wood rods are hand-made bambo fly rods that cost a fortune. Rods are now made of graphite and other similar composite materials. It is cheap, light, strong and last a long time. Most rods are now made in China.

Are thee bracelets made of bone?

There are many types of bracelets made of bone. Normally the bone is wittled into beads in order to make a bracelet. Traditionally this is done in African countries. The bone is wittled down into beads or rods using a bone needle and then the beads are strung on thread. These bone beads can also be decorated or stained with certain types of paint in order to achieve a certain color or style.

How can the loss of cancellous bone weaken a bone?

The Cancellous, or spongy bone is made of Trabeculae, which are thin rods or plates of bone that often run in the same direction as the stress applied to the bone. Stress on the bone may be in the form of gravity, or it may occur due to common force applied to the limb. Which can ultimately cause weakness in your bones.

What are the control rods in a nuclear reactor made of?

The control rods inside a nuclear reactor are made out of Boron.

Reactor control rods are made of a substance that?

Reactor control rods are made of a substance that absorbs neutrons.

What material are drain rods made out of?

Drain rods are plumbing equipment that are mostly used to unblock drains and sewers. Usually, such rods are made of Polypropylene (also known as poly-propane).

Were Fenwick rods made?


What are lightning rods made of?


What where the fishing rods made out of?


Where are fenwick fishing rods made?

fenwick acts like its still an American company but their rods are made in china, stop buying them

What are fuel rods in nuclear plants made of?

The fuel rods used in a nuclear reactor are made from uranium 235(U-235).

What are the control rods made of in a nuclear reactor?

Control rods are made of high neutron capture materials (e.g, Boron, Cadmium, and Gadolinium)

Where was the calculating device Napier's Bones invented?

Napier published his version of rods in a work printed in Edinburgh,Scotland, at the end of 1617 entitled Rabdologiæ.

What are fishing rods usually composed of?

Modern fishing rods are typically made of fiberglass, graphite, and even bamboo. The handle is usually made of cork for gripping.

What was the first computer capable of calculating?

Possibly the abacus, a board with wood rods, and wood beads on the rods. It is thousands of years old. The first electronic computer, I think, was Univac. It used vacuum tubes instead of solid state devices to do its computing.

Other than plastic, what can curtain rods be made from?

Curtains rods are available in plastic but most places are replacing them with steel rods, so you may want to go with a steel rod. There are also wire rods but they are not as sturdy.

What replaces a bone when it breaks?

Metal rods and pins/screws as far as i know but im sure theres more

Are true temper fishing rods made in Canada?


What material are lightning rods made from?

Copper or aluminum!

What is the longest curtain rod available?

The longest curtain rods out there are 120", however custom curtain rods can be made longer if neccessary.

What's the strongest material for curtain rods that can handle children playing with them?

Curtain rods made of steel will hold up for sure.

Is g loomis made in the US?

Rods are made in the US. Many of their accessories and reels are not.