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We don't know the inventor of hieroglyphics. The Ancient Egyptians claimed that the god Thoth invented them. The earliest ones we know of have been dated to 3,400 BC.

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Q: Who made hieroglyphics?
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What country were the hieroglyphics made in?

Hieroglyphics were originally made in Ancient Egypt.

Why were hieroglyphics made?

Hieroglyphics were a utilized as a form of communication, through story-telling.

How were hieroglyphics made?

Hieroglyphics were either painted or inscribed onto a prepared surface.

When were hieroglyphics made?

when you were ugly!!!!!!!!!!!

When were hieroglyphics created?

No one knows the exact date of when hieroglyphics were created, but we do know that they were made B.C.

What year was hieroglyphics made?

1880 b.C.

What were Aztec writings made up of?


What was the Aztec writing made of?

pictographs (hieroglyphics)

What were hieroglyphics made out of?

hieroglyphics weren't made on something they were carved/painted/written on something usually tomb walls and other relics such as a fancy clay vase.

What is a good title for a hieroglyphics project?

happy hieroglyphicshateful hieroglyphicshorrible hieroglyphicshistorical hieroglyphicshell making hieroglyphicsharpy hieroglyphicshorsey hieroglyphicshope i helped!

How were hieroglyphics designed?

Hieroglyphics were made to show a sound.

What were Egyptian hieroglyphics written on?

Paper was made from the papyrus plant. Hieroglyphics were written on walls of tombs, palaces, temples, etc.

What are hieroglyphics made out of?

Hieroglyphics could be written on papyrus or paper, or carved in stone. They could also be painted on walls and vessels.

What did The Mayas used to write in books made from bark?


What made it possible to read Egyptian hieroglyphics?

The hieroglyphics of Egypt are one of the oldest forms of the written word known to man. The discovery of the Rosetta stone made it possible to read the hieroglyphs.

Why was hieroglyphics made?

it was made to communicate and to plot/write/draw down the events that are important to you

How Egyptian hieroglyphics made an impact on later civilization?

we now have writing

What stone was decoded that made hieroglyphics easier to read?

The Rosetta stone

What is 'hieroglyphics' when translated from English to Italian?

"Hieroglyphics" in English is geroglifici in Italian.

What were Hieroglyphics painted on?

Hieroglyphics were written on papyrus.

How do you spell hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics, you got it right.

What are forms of hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are picture symbols.

What is the French word for hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics = hiéroglyphes

Hieroglyphics were a form of what?

Hieroglyphics were a form of writing.

Can you smoke hieroglyphics?

No, you cannot smoke hieroglyphics.