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Who made skateboarding?

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jesus :)

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Who made skateboarding a sport?

Skateboarding is NOT a sport.

Have they made any movies about skateboarding?

lords of dogtown is a great movie about the foundation of skateboarding.

What made skateboarding popular?

The Tricks.

Who made skateboarding popular again?


Where was skateboarding created?

The first skateboard was made in California.

Who made mountain skateboarding?

someone cool! And asome!!

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

What is a description of the invention skateboard?

Skateboarding was made by surfers in California who wanted to get the feel of surfing when the waves where flat. They then took any thing they could wooden doors, wood planks, or crates and attached rollerblade wheels to the bottom of them to skateboard. Later on skateboarding started to progress with stores making skateboards and skateboarding equment. The things made early for skateboarding were not that good. Over time skateboarding evoled into what it is today.

How did Rodney mullens skateboarding affect his life?

It made him a badass

Why was skateboarding made?

surfers attached wheels to there surf board

What type of wood is a skateboarding deck made out of?

90% of skateboard are made out of Canadian Maple.

What are the differences between bmxing and skateboarding?

BMX is bike skateboarding is skateboarding.

Who invests in skateboarding?

skateboarding people......

What is better hockey or skateboarding?


What are the laws for skateboarding?

there are no laws to skateboarding , you do what you feel .

What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


How is skateboarding a sport?

Its not <----FAIL Skateboarding is a sport

What is more popular skateboarding or biking?


Does skateboarding make you skillful?

Yes, at skateboarding

Why is skateboarding good?

Skateboarding is an exercise and a skill.

Is skateboarding an activity or a sport?

Both - skateboarding is popular with children, and so too are skateboarding competitions.

Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

You played skateboarding you were skateboarding What is the difference?

not proper grammar

What is the best way to get sponsored for skateboarding?

be good at skateboarding

How was skateboarding originally played?

Skateboards used to be made of wood and were only played with by royalty.