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I too have a Ranger .410 sxs hamerless shotgun.

I believe it to be made by Stevens.

Possibly a model 311.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:53:22
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Q: Who made the Ranger 410 side by side shotgun?
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What is the year ranger 410 shotgun was made?

No published sn data.

What company made a new port side by side 410 shotgun?


Who made the 410 Ranger 101 bolt action shotgun?


Who made the 410 Sears and Roebuck Ranger Model 104.5 shotgun?

Probably Harrington & Richardson

What is the value of a 1895 sterling 410 side by side shotgun?

To determine the exact value of a 1895 Sterling 410 side by side shotgun, a number of factors would need to be considered. Most importantly, the condition of the shotgun.

Who made the Ranger 101-5 bolt action single-shot 410 shotgun?

Ranger Shotguns were sold by Sears Roebuck and Company. Several companies made the Ranger including J. Stevens Arms, Merlin, and Hunter Arms.

What is the value of 410 shotgun?

The value of a 410 shotgun depends on the make and model of the gun. If it is a single shot and made by Stevens the value would be approximately $70.00; however if it is a side by side the value is more. There has been some of these guns on the Internet for $55,000.00.

What years were marlin shotgun 410 lever made?

Marlin made a lever action .410 gauge shotgun from 1929-1932.These were made as a stockholders promotional firearm.The New model .410 was made from 2004-2005.

What is the value of a ERA 410 side by side shotgun?

These were made by Boito in Brazil. Depending on condition, $100 to $400 in 2012 dollars.

How can you find a magazine for a Ranger model 101.4 410 shotgun?


What is the age of a 410 Ranger 101 bolt action shotgun?

No published sn data.

What is the age of a 410 Ranger Model 56152 shotgun?

That is not the model number, but the Ranger marked shotguns were sold by Sears before WW2.

Who made a 410 automatic shotgun?


When was the 410 bullet made and by who?

The 410 is a shotgun round. Slug loads are available and have been made for decades.

What is the value and who made the Universal Firearms Corp. model 2025 410 side by side shotgun?

i have universal s/s 2021 20 gage shotgun is it 2/34 or 3 inch

Where can you find a browning 410 automatic shotgun?

Browning never made a .410 automatic shotgun. Autos were made in 12, 16, and 20 guages. They did however make 410's in over/unders. auto5man

When was a 183k 410 shotgun made?


What shell will fit a 410 shotgun other then a 410 shell?

None. Some handguns have been made that will fire .45 Long Colt revolver rounds and .410 shotgun shells, but that does not mean that you can take any .410 shotgun and stick .45 handgun ammo in there.

What is the Value of a ranger 410 3 clip shotgun 404.46 inch bolt?

50-100 USD

Who manufactured a 410 bolt action ranger shotgun? has a store brand chart that might help.

Information on a Crescent Fire Arms 410 side by side double barrel shotgun it was your Grandmothers gun?

Made around the turn of/early part of the century.

What is the value of a crescent arms 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-200 USD

What is the value of a 1975 boito 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-250 USD

Who made a 410 shotgun with the ejection handle on the side?

I have one made by O.F. MOSSBERG & SONS INC. New Haven CONN. U.S.A. NO.83B 410 GA - 3 IN PROOF TESTED

What caliber is a 410 shotgun?

The 410 Shotgun is really .410 Caliber. Unlike all other sizes of shotgun, (10,12,16,20,28gauge), the 410 is measured in caliber. I believe it works out to something like 36 gauge. So the 410 shotgun is .41 Caliber