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Who made the first CD player?

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Albert Einstien

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What year was the first CD player made in?


When was the first CD player invented?

because poop mis very valuable the first CD player was made in 1982 it was called the cdp

Who made the invention of putting books on cd?

Phillips and Sony both made the first CD, independently of each company in the late 1970's. After the invention of the CD, they worked together to make a CD player.

How has this invention of the CD player affect society?

The CD player has made it possible for people to interact with different cultures through songs played by the CD player. The CD player has also made entertainment cheaper and convenient.

How long have CD players been available for cars?

The first CD player for cars was made in October 1984. It was manufactured by the Pioneer Corporation.

When were CD players first installed in cars?

According to Car and Driver magazine, the first in-dash car CD player was introduced by Sony (one of the creators of the Compact Disc) in 1984. Mercedes-Benz was the first to offer a factory-installed CD player (made by Becker) in 1985.

Were was the CD player made?


What was invented first CD for CD player?

a recorder was invented before a CDplayer or CD

Name the first jb CD?

the very first CD they made was a self titled demo CD.

When was the first CD player built?

Sony released the world's first CD Player called the CDP-101[1] in 1982

Who was the first CD player invented by?

Sony partnered with Philips Electronics and Polygram to design the first CD player in the late 70s.

Where was the CD player first manufactured?

Sony introduced the CDP-101, the first CD player, on?æOctober 1982 in the US. The very first CD released was Billy Joel's "52nd Street".?æ

Whick company launched the first CD player and when?

Sony released the world's first CD Player called the CPD-101 in 1982.

What year did the first music CD come out in England?

the first CD was made by sony in 1972

Can I order a custom made portabel CD player (gold plated for example).?

I don't know of anyone doing that but you could get a Custom Made CD player Cage for it.

Who released the first CD player?

Sony CD-101 October 1, 1982

2000 neon ES when you play CD that you made CD player gives err message storebought CD works fine?

older factory CD player don't have the programming to play burned cds. try replacing the player

When was first CD player introduced in the US?


Who was the creator of the first car CD player?


When was taylors first CD made?


Who made the first CD ever?

James Russell is the inventor of the compact disk, or CD. It was invented in 1976 and the first albums on CD were released in 1982.

What year did the first CD player come out for vehicle?

Sony introduced the car CD player in 1984. It was a factory option in a 1985 Mercedes.

What is wrong with a compact disc when you put a CD in and it will no read CD?

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

First music CD to come out in the Us?

First CD ever made was ABBA's "The Visitors" in 1982, pressed in Germany

Which company launched the first CD player and when?

dominique devlin

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