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Who made the original hockey puck?


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Some sources date the invention as early as 1872. James Creighton made a puck in 1875. Vulcanized rubber was invented by Goodyear in 1839, but was not used for puck construction until the 1880s.


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The original hockey puck was made from vulcanized rubber invented by Charles Goodyear in the late 1800s.

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A hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber.

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the hockey puck is made round like a ball because it wouldn't be able to move if it was like a ice hockey puck because in ice hockey it can glide in filed hockey you need to be able to roll it around easyily

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Face offs were first called "faces" of the puck or a " puck-off."

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THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

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