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old people and you and people that play too much runescape

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Q: Who mainly gets enlarged heart?
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What can an enlarged heart do?

An enlarged heart can cause blood not to pump properly to the heart. Congestive heart failure can occur if the heart is enlarged and not working properly.

Is an enlarged heart considered a heart disease?

An enlarged heart may be considered a heart disease if it is not a result of training. Enlarged heart is also known as cardiomegaly.

Can sleep apnea cause enlarged heart?

Can sleep apnea cause an enlarged heart

What is cardiomegaly?

It is the medical term for enlarged heart. (Cardio = Heart, megaly = enlarged)

What is treatment for enlarged heart?

You may have the dilated heart of there may be hypertrophy of the heart. You have to tackle the problem, at times with the surgery to treat the enlarged heart.

Did The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold have an enlarged heart?

Yes, The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold had and died of an enlarged heart.

What are the causes of an enlarged right side of the heart?

Exercise The heart is a muscle so when worked alot mainly through cadiovascular exercise it grows just the same as if you do weights on an arm.

Is the heart enlarged normal?

yes when it is beating/its not good to have a enlarged heart.the answer is no.

What happens when one side of the heart is enlarged?

What happens is the cause, and the enlarged side of the heart, the effect. It's not the other way round. The heart is like any other muscle. When it encounters resistance, it works harder and gets bigger. The right side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs, so if the arterioles of the lungs are producing the resistance, this will be enlarged. The left side of the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. If the arterioles here offer resistance, it will become larger.

What is an enlarged heart muscle?


Is it safe to fly with an enlarged heart?


What is enalopi for dogs?

enlarged heart

What is wrong with Eric's heart on 7th Heaven?

He had an enlarged heart.

Can an enlarged heart cause a heart attack?

Enlarged heart (cardiomegaly) isn't a disease, but rather a symptom of another condition. You may develop an enlarged heart temporarily because of a stress on your body, such as pregnancy, or because of a medical condition, such as the weakening of the heart muscle, coronary artery disease, heart valve problems or abnormal heart rhythms.

What are tachycardia and cardiomegaly?

tachy- = rapidcardio- = hearttachycardia = rapid heart rate(bradycardia meaning slow heart rate)-megaly = the condition of being enlargedcardiomegaly = enlarged heart

Why would you have an enlarged heart?

There are many reasons for an enlarged heart. First of all you should know that the heart is basically a muscle, and like most other muscles it will grow when excercised. The following is a short list of common causes: - Athletes: Athletes, especially those practicing endurance sports like marathon-running can have enlarged hearts. This is perfectly normal, and not unhealthy in any way. - High blood-pressure, often due to atherosclerosis: Because of the high bloodpressure, the heart has to perform more to pump against the increased pressure, and this will in time leed to the heart being enlarged. - Insuficient heart valves, this being because of leakage or too-narrow valves: Leaky valves will cause the heart to have to pump excessively to keep a normal pressure, because blood will usually leak backwards into the heart from high pressure towards low. The heart has to overcome this, and in turn will be enlarged from the increased strain. Narrowed valves cause more resistance for the heart, and this in turn will also cause heart-enlargement. Some degree of heart enlargement is tolerable, but once the heart becomes too-enlarged it gets increasingly more difficult for it to function as an effective pump. Usually the walls of the heart will get too thick, and loose some of their flexibility. Once the heart gets too enlarged to pump efficiently, the person is in the beginning of what is called heart failure.

What should one do to determine if they have an enlarged heart?

Your doctor will perform various tests of the heart wave signals to see if you have an enlarged heart. Once he knows then he can figure out a way to help you.

What is another word for an enlarged heart?


How much does an enlarged heart weigh?

Even if an organ is enlarged, it does not necessarily mean that it weighs more than the average weight of the organ. The weight of an enlarged heart would have to be determined by an autopsy. The average weight of the human heart is between 250 and 350 grams.

What is a inlarge heart?

An enlarged heart means that the heart is larger in size than a normal heart would be.

Can steroids cause an enlarged heart?

yes. ed van amsterdam pro bodybuilder has a big problem with enlarged heart. and that's why he retired and stoped competing.

What is the combining form and suffix to an enlarged heart?


What is the enlarged segment on a worm called?

it's heart

What causes a septum to enlarge?

it is called an enlarged heart and it is when the chambers in your heart are enlarged most people get treated for it by having surgery but if not treated can cause heart attack and an irregular heartbeat wich can lead to death most people are born with this sever condition it is called an enlarged heart and it is when the chambers in your heart are enlarged most people get treated for it by having surgery but if not treated can cause heart attack and an irregular heartbeat wich can lead to death most people are born with this sever condition

Is congestive heart failure and enlarged heart same thing?

Congestive heart failure is a buildup of fluid due to a failure of the heart to maintain a normal forward flow. It is a pump problem. Symptoms my include swelling of the soft tissues of the extremities, particularly the lower extremities, shortness of breath from buildup of fluid in the lungs, inability to lie down due to shortness of breath, decreased appetite, and exercise intolerance.An enlarged heart may be seen on chest xray in a patient with congestive heart failure, but other conditions may cause an enlarged heart as well, including chronic hypertension.