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An electrician makes more money. The average amount of money an electrician makes a year is 63,080 dollars. A full time firefighter makes an average of 47,720 dollars per year.

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Q: Who make more an electrician or an firefighter?
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Is it firefighter or firefighter?

It is firefighter or, if it is more than one, it is firefighters.

How much does a firefighter earn in Canada?

A firefighter in Canada makes around 30,000 dollars a year. A firefighter has a lot of opportunity to make more money by picking up extra shifts or overtime.

What is better a electrician or carpenter?

Electricians may make more money.

Can you make a sentence with electrician?

I sent the electrician home.

Who needs more energy firefighter or secretary?

Obviously a fire figher

How much do union electrician make in Indiana?

*Does a union electrician

How much does a union electrician make in Boston?

how much does a union electrician apprentice make?

Is a retired firefighter a veteran?

Not unless you served in the military as a firefighter. Civilians don't make veterans.

How much does a firefighter make in Arkansas?


How does weather impact a firefighter?

Weather can affect a firefighter because the wind can make the flames even bigger and it might burn them and also if there was lightning it can cause a fire and make the job of a firefighter even harder.

How much money does a firefighter make with a four year degree in firescience?

How much does a firefighter with a four year degree in firesciences make a year?

Why fire fightering suits are shiny?

Firefighter protective clothing has reflective stripes to make them more visible at night.

Can you become a firefighter with a criminal justice degree?

Yes, but it make more sense to just get a degree in fire science.

What qualifications are desireable when hireing an electrician?

An electrician should be licensed. An electrician should have experience. An electrician should be able to provide references upon request. Make sure you are comfortable with the electrician before hiring him or her.

Who gets paid more a city firefighter or a forest firefighter?

I'd say city because there is a greater chance of more fires being in the city.

How much does a firefighter make a year in Minneapolis?


How much does a firefighter make in Oregon?

About 5,000 a year.

How much money does a firefighter in Georgia make?

about $900,000.000

How much money does a firefighter make each year?

It depends on how many fires they put out. Usually around 5,000 more.

How much does a firefighter make in a month?

The average firefighter makes around 35,000 to 40,000 dollars a month. They have the potential to pick up shifts and make overtime.

How much does a large city firefighter make lets say a FDNY firefighter?

entry level i believe it is below $40,000

How much does a electrician make in the mines?

as much as they make at maccas

What does an electrician make?

20,000 dollars a year

Does master electrician make more money than truck driver owner operator?

Yes, depending on the city.

How much does a firefighter make in Illinois?

The average firefighter in Illinois will make around $34,000 per year. In the Chicago area, this can be much higher since they are in larger demand.