Who makes bikes?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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One can buy specialised bike parts from the following retailers: Halfords, Evan Cycles, Mike Bikes, Specialised, Tredz, Cycle World Bikes, Global Bike Shop, Specialised Concept Store.

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Specialized IS a bike manufacturer, they make their bikes.

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La Senza

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Q: Who makes bikes?
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Who makes the windsor bikes?

Ideal who owns Fuji, Kestrel, and SE makes Windsor bikes. Ideal also makes bikes for Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, and Motobecane.

What company makes good bmx bikes?

WTP and Haro bikes are probably the best there is.

Does haro make racing bikes?

yes haro makes a big range of racing bikes

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What is the largest Korean manufacturer of bicycle bikes?

Researching Korean bicycle manufacturers has found that one company called Samchuly is the largest manufacturer of bikes in Korea. The company makes a large variety of bikes such as folding bikes, racing bikes, children's bikes, women's bikes and mountain bikes.

What type of bikes does Cervelo make?

Cervalo Cycles makes lightweight road bikes, in two different categories: Classic Road Bikes and Aero Road Bikes. The bikes are tailored to be as comfortable and efficient as possible on the road.

What does Cosby do now?

makes bmx bikes for kids

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What makes off road bikes heavier than MX bikes?

Don't know what you mean by a MX bike.