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Home Depot carries the GE Tankless Water Heater, and I was told with certainty that these are made for GE by Rheem.

Additional notes:

  • Looking for return on investment / payback period for tankless water heater over regular heater with tank? See this link* that suggests a standard home will save $375/year for a tankless water heater, so that ROI is 2 years for purchase + installation.
  • Shopping Now?
    • As of 2010-12-30, I am looking at the GE Indoor 7.5 gpm Tankless Gas Water Heater Model # GN75DNSRSA, retail $1449 and for the next couple of weeks is $584.10 (no cost for 3-5 bus. days shipping)
    • This compares to $864.89 (shipping already included) for the Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 7.5 GPM on
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Q: Who makes ge tankless water heaters?
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Who makes GE hot water heaters?

GE hot water heaters are made by Rheem.

What company makes GE water heaters for Home Depot?


Which water heaters use the least electricity?

GE and Rheem both produce energy efficient water heaters. They each sell different sizes and models. Rheem produces tankless electric water heaters that are affordable and energy efficient.

Who makes rheem water heaters?

Rheem is acually a base manufacturer, they make their own and they also manufacture (or used to) for GE

Are Rheem and GE water heaters the same?

Yes they are. The standard electric and gas GE water heaters water heater sold at Home Depot are manufactured by Rheem. The new GE hybrid is manufactured by Midea in China.

Why do mobile home water heaters have connections on the side?

Easier to ge to.

What is contract manufacturing?

It's where company A hires company B to make products with company A's name on them. Example: Home Depot sells General Electric water heaters. General Electric doesn't own a water heater factory. Instead, they contract with Rheem, who has a huge water heater factory; Rheem makes water heaters to GE's specifications, puts a GE label on them and ships them in GE-labeled packaging.

What are the best brands of water heaters sold online at low prices?

There are several brands of water heaters that are sold on online websites at low prices. Some of these include: Ecosmart, Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, as well as GE.

What are the best space heaters under $50?

There are many brands that offer competively priced space heaters. Two brands that offer heaters under $50 is Kenmore and Ge. You can find these products at target or sears.

Who makes hotpoint?

GE makes hotpoint

What is the company that makes ATMs?


What brands of water heaters can be purchased at Sears?

Sears is the leading seller of home improvement tools. They carry the leading brands with competitive prices and payment options to suit everyone. Some of the more popular brands are Kenmore and Kenmore Elite, EcoSmart, Honeywell and GE, just to name a few of the brands of water heaters to be found at Sears.

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