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Home Depot carries the GE Tankless Water Heater, and I was told with certainty that these are made for GE by Rheem.

Additional notes:

  • Looking for return on investment / payback period for tankless water heater over regular heater with tank? See this link* that suggests a standard home will save $375/year for a tankless water heater, so that ROI is 2 years for purchase + installation.
  • Shopping Now?
    • As of 2010-12-30, I am looking at the GE Indoor 7.5 gpm Tankless Gas Water Heater Model # GN75DNSRSA, retail $1449 and for the next couple of weeks is $584.10 (no cost for 3-5 bus. days shipping)
    • This compares to $864.89 (shipping already included) for the Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 7.5 GPM on Amazon.com.
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Who makes GE hot water heaters?

GE hot water heaters are made by Rheem.

Which water heaters use the least electricity?

GE and Rheem both produce energy efficient water heaters. They each sell different sizes and models. Rheem produces tankless electric water heaters that are affordable and energy efficient.

Who makes rheem water heaters?

Rheem is acually a base manufacturer, they make their own and they also manufacture (or used to) for GE

Are Rheem and GE water heaters the same?

Yes they are. The standard electric and gas GE water heaters water heater sold at Home Depot are manufactured by Rheem. The new GE hybrid is manufactured by Midea in China.

What is contract manufacturing?

It's where company A hires company B to make products with company A's name on them. Example: Home Depot sells General Electric water heaters. General Electric doesn't own a water heater factory. Instead, they contract with Rheem, who has a huge water heater factory; Rheem makes water heaters to GE's specifications, puts a GE label on them and ships them in GE-labeled packaging.

What are the flotation devices called that lifeguards use?

Consumer Reports lists GE, Kenmore, Rheem and Whirlpool as the top brands of water heaters. These brands also have great reviews from consumers and come with a warranty.

Are Ge hot water heaters good?

I have used GE, Jon Woods , Bradford White and Ruud during the past 10 years and have seen no significant differences in reliability between them. -In fact compared to the tanks of the '70's and 80's, most modern tanks are thin, badly assembled and use cheap components.

Where can one obtain a water filter for a GE refrigerator?

A water filter for a GE refrigerator can be obtained via any retailer that sells GE refrigerators. If one likes to shop online, one can obtain a water filter via the auction website eBay.

What is the water usuage on the new GE dishwasher?

GE claims their GE Profile Built-In Dishwashers uses 8.4 gallons per load for a normal load

What is the best dehydrator brand?

I think GE is the best brand for a food dehydrator. I think most things that GE makes are of good quality and you will be satisfied with any type of product that you purchase that is GE.

How often should you change a GE water filter?

GE recommends that you change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months, or if you are a heavy user, when you notice that the water quality has diminished.

Who is initial ge?

initial ge is a rapper he makes rap music an his real name is guy Gibson and he is from the northwest in England near Blackpool

What does GE stand for?

GE stands for General Electric, a manufacturer who makes several different appliances, both large to small.

Are there 120 volt clothes dryers available?

bosch makes 120 volt clothes dryers...Additional answer:There are many clothes dryers that will operate on 110 volts - and they are usually ones with gas heaters. These include Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint, Haier, LG, Samsung and others.

What services does GE online provide?

GE makes it easy and safe to pay bills online. By making your own personal GE Capital account, you are enabled to make your payments easily, fast and free.

What are the best used appliances from GE?

As GE makes high-quality appliances, any one you choose should suffice, assuming that it has been maintained.

Does germanium react with water?

They dont love each other so much. Actually Ge is readily oxidized to GeO2 by Oxygen. GeO2,not Ge ,dissolves into water 4.5gram in 1000 gram water.

Which brand makes the best built in dishwasher.....GE or Frigidaire?

GE dishwashers have on average higher reviews then Frigidaire, however both make quality products.

Save Money on Bottled Water When You Use GE Filters?

Tap water contains chlorine, chemicals and various kinds of bacteria. You can eliminate some of the dangers inherent in tap water by using one of the various types of GE filters. General Electric (GE) manufactures refrigerator water filters, water pitcher filters and other types of water filters. GE filters can provide good solutions to drinking and cooking with pure, filtered water without having to pay for bottled water. GE filters end up costing a lot less money per year than the expense involved in buying bottled water every week. Filters are simple to use and enable you to drink healthier water.

Use a GE MWF Smartwater Filter and Break the Expensive Habit of Buying Bottled Water ?

If you have a refrigerator with a water filtration system, you can most likely use a GE MWF Smartwater filter, because this filter works with most name brand refrigerators. Fitness experts recommend that people drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis, but tap water often has harmful substances that need filtration. A GE MWF Smartwater filter guarantees that every member of your family drinks healthy water that is free from harmful chlorine, lead, mercury and other chemicals that are commonly found in tap water. A GE MWF Smartwater filter makes sense and saves cents, because buying bottled water is an extremely expensive habit.

Who makes a low height dishwasher?

GE makes an ADA compliant dishwasher that is 1" shorter than standard built-in dishwashers.

Is GE the best brand of range to buy?

GE makes great ranges, and is a very good brand to buy. They have great warranties and have been making ranges for several decades.

How do you ge rid of constipation?

Drink lots of water and get some laxatives.

What is the function of the GE Smartwater Refrigerator Filter?

The function of the GE Smartwater Refrigerator Filter: It filters drinking water, it saves cost and helps the environment by eliminating the need to buy bottled water or recycle.

Who makes a quality glow in the dark clock?

GE makes some excellent glow-in-the-dark clock, which go well in children's rooms.

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