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Ruger made a Deerfield rifle, Ithaca made a Deerslayer shotgun.

Nobel made the Deerfield shotgun line until 1971. Very few parts available and what is available is through Numrich. Value would be something like 175 in very good condition due to the parts problem.

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Does remington make a model 1300 shotgun?

No winchester makes a model 1300 shotgun.

What is a deerfield shotgun 672X worth?

Made by Noble, sold by KMart, decent shotgun, about $150, depending on condition.

Who makes a model 1877 12 gauge lever action shotgun?

Winchester made a Model 1887 lever-action shotgun from 1887 - 1899. Norinco currently makes a reproduction of the Model 1887.

Who makes the trooper shotgun model 158?


What is the age and value of a Wards Western Field model M550A 12 gauge shotgun?

who makes the westernfield 12ga shotgun model m505a

Winchester shotgun model 97.When was serial number E773554 made?

Your winchester model 1897 shotgun was made by winchester in 1927.That makes your shotgun 84 years old.

What gunmaker shoots 3.5 shotgun shell?

Remington makes a model which does.

What gun manufactor shoots a 3.5 shotgun shell?

Remington makes a model which does.

Who makes a shotgun called the Carolina?

No manufacturer at the present time produces a Carolina model.

When did they stop making westernfield shotguns?

who makes the westernfield model m550a 12ga shotgun

What is the value of the deerfield model 672x?

75 to 100 depending. On conditions

History of browning model B26?

This is the same as a Superposed model shotgun. Introduced in 1931, Browning still makes these in Belgium.

How old is a Winchester Model 96 shotgun?

Winchester did not make a model 96 shotgun,they did make a model 97 shotgun however.

How old is Winchester model 12 833800?

your winchester model 12 shotgun was made in 1940,that makes it 71 years old.

Who made the western auto model 312AA shotgun?

Your western auto model 312AA shotgun was made by mossberg for western auto.The mossberg model 395,395K are the mossberg model designations for your shotgun.

Who makes Montgomery Wards western field deluxe model 50 shotgun?

Iver Johnson made that shotgun along with some of the same type for Sears Roebuck

Where is the Deerfield Public Library in Deerfield located?

The address of the Deerfield Public Library is: 920 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, 60015 3098

Where is the Deerfield Branch Library in Deerfield located?

The address of the Deerfield Branch Library is: 170 Raisin Street, Deerfield, 49238 0717

Where is the Historic Deerfield in Deerfield Massachusetts located?

The address of the Historic Deerfield is: Po Box 321, Deerfield, MA 01342-0321

Who makes 16gauge shotgun?

Browning makes a bps pump model in 3 different barrel lengths and also found a tristar o/u.

Who makes and can you get parts for a Revelation Shotgun model R312AB?

You can try or have a machinist/gun smith make them.

Who makes hunt-master model 228 16 gauge shotgun?

Spiegel Inc. It was a Sears brand

How old is your marlin model 1897 12 gauge shotgun serial number 65859?

Marlin made the model 1898 shotgun,while Winchester made the Model 1897 shotgun,A Winchester model 1897 shotgun with the serial number provided indicates that it was made in 1900.The Marlin model 1898 shotgun was made from 1898-1905.

How do you identify the model of an old Remington shotgun?

How do you identify the model of an old Remington shotgun with ser # 232022

Volunteer arms 12 shotgun model 94042?

Volunteer arms 12 shotgun model 94042?