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The shoe designer most famous for red heels and soles on his shoes is Christian Louboutin. He is a French shoe designer. His unique red bottomed shoes are usually known as "sammy red bottoms".

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There are many shoe makers that will make women's shoes with red soles. Nike for example will make women's shoes with red soles.

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Louboutin is the high-end shoe with a red sole. The designer Christian Louboutin started this red sole trademark in France in 1991.

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Q: Who makes the womans shoes with the red soles?
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What does Christian louboutin do on the bottom of her shoes?

First, Christian Louboutin is a male. All of the bottoms of his shoes have red leather soles, which are also stamped with his name. I hope that helps.

What brand of shoes have red soles?

Chriatian Louboutin never answer this web site if you don't know the answer

Are the red soles of Christian Louboutin trademarked?

Yes they are! A New York court found that the red sole is "an identifying mark firmly associated with his brand.â?? Christian Louboutin was inspired to design the shoes from a secretary's red nail polish.

Who makes the shoes with the red sole?

Christian Louboutin Cesare Paccioti

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Yes, it is their trademark and what makes them distinguished from other ordinary shoes

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