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Who named Eris?

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What is Eris named after?

Eris is named after the Greek goddess Eris he was in charge of warfare and stealth

Who was Eris named after?

I heard from resources that we are not sure why Eris was called Eris.

What was planet Eris named after?

Eris was named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife.

Why was the dwarf planet named Eris?

The dwarf planet Eris was named after the Greek goddess of discord.

How did the dwarf planet Eris get its name?

Eris is named after the goddess Eris, a personification of strife and discord.

Does Eris have any moons?

Yes, Eris has one moon. It is called Dysnomia. It was named after the daughter of the goddess Eris.

How many moons does dwarf planet eris have?

Eris has a moon named Dysnomia.

Who is Erisnamed after?

Eris is named after the Greek Goddess Eris, who was the goddess of strife and discord.

Is Eris the Dwarf planet named after Eris the Greek God of discord?

Yes, that's right.

How did Eris get its name Eris?

Its name come from a goddess in the ancient Greek and Roman mythology. It's named after the goddess Eris god of chaos.

Was Eris named after a Roman god?

She is not. Eris is a Greek goddess - I can not find a Roman god to which you might be referring.

Who is Eris named after?

Greek goddess of strife and discord.

What are facts about Eris?

Eris,s color is greenit takes Eris 557 earth year to have a whole cyle around the moonits planets name is called dysnomiathe planets named after Eris,s daughter dysnomiaEris is a dwarf planet.

What are the names of Eris' moons?

The Kuiper Belt dwarf planet Eris has one known moon, named Dysnomia.

Who is Eris?

Eris is another dwarf planet that is sometimes called Pluto's twin. All though, it is slightly bigger than pluto. It was named after Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord.

Who were named after the dwarf planets?

Ceres was named for the goddess of agriculture Pluto was named for the god of the underworld Eris was named for the goddess of strife and discord

What was Eris's name at first?

Before it was officially named, Eris was nicknamed Xena.

Who is the goddess of discord?

Eris is the Greek goddess of strife but her Roman counterpart is named Discordia.

How many dwarf planets?

in total there are 5 at this moment that are officially named, Pluto, Eris, Ceres, MakeMake and Haumea

Where is Eris?

Eris is in the kuiper belt

How is Eris green?

Eris is not green.

Does eris have volcanoes?

no Eris does not have any volcanoes

Is Eris a Star?

No. Eris is a dwarf planet.

Is there wind on Eris?

No, there is absolutely no wind on Eris.

Eris is the god of?

Eris is the goddes of strife

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