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The Vikings at 831 AD (2 o'clock on the time device). You should also bring the gunpowder from lower on the Great Wall, so that you can open the Viking cave.

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Q: Who needs the hammer shaped amulet on time tangled island?
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Where do you take the amulet on time tangled island?

The hammer-shaped Thor amulet goes to the Vikings at 831 AD (2 o'clock on the time device). Take the gunpowder from the Great Wall, too, to blast open the cave there.

Where do you find Thor's amulet on time tangled island?

On Time Tangled Island, go to the Great Wall of China (6 o'clock, 1593 AD ). At the upper right, atop the scaffolds, you will play a memory game against the old man. When you win, you get Thor's hammer shaped amulet (for the Vikings at 2 o'clock, 831 AD). (*you should also pick up the barrel of gunpowder at lower right)

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