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German occpied Denmark in number the stars.

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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry took place in 1942, Nazi occupied Denmark.

Denmark proper was occupied by the Germans on 9 April 1940.

they set time limits to be outside and German soldiers were at every corner. also many of their resources were taken away.

Denmark was occupied by the Germans in WW2. This was a very benevolent occupation as King Christian X basically surrendered.

Denmark is mentioned in number the stars . . . for sure.

Number the Stars takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark during the German occupation of Denmark during WWII.

When: 1940 Nazi occupation of Denmark Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Kroner is the currency of Denmark

The King of Denmark was King Christian X (the tenth).

Yes, Number the Stars takes place in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.

Number the Stars took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the story Number The Stars, Annemarie live in Copenhagen,Denmark.

Yes. Denmark was occupied during World War 2.

The setting is Copenhagen, Denmark.

No. Annemarie is Danish. (She is from Denmark)

Number the Stars takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Number the stars by Lois Lowry is set in Denmark, 1940.

Copenhagen, Denmark In World War 2

Denmark was invaded & occupied by Germany on April 9, 1940. It was occupied by Germany until the end of the war, May 1945.

Yes, Germany occupied Denmark in April 1940.

Denmark was occupied by the Germans in WWII.

Denmark was occupied by German forces 1940-1945.