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To be able to find the lowest price for Pampers Baby Dry Diapers in the UK, one can go to the 'mysupermaket' website to compare the prices in the major supermarkets.

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Q: Who offers the lowest price on Pampers Baby Dry Diapers?
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What was the price of Pampers in 1988?

The prince of pampers was king of the diapers EH

What is the average price of diapers for 2009?

For a value box of Pampers Cruisers, it was $18.99.

Enjoy Pampers Products for the Same Price as Generics?

If you're tired of spending money on diapers and wipes, you're not alone. Most parents are familiar with the high costs of these baby products, but it doesn't hit home until you're continuously putting out the money each week. Unlike other baby goods, diapers and wipes are a necessity that you'll need until your little one is potty trained. Many people recommend saving on the cost of diapers by buying generic. While there are many quality generic products available, the majority of parents choose to use name brand diapers and wipes such as Pampers. This brand offers some of the softest, most absorbent diapers and wipes that make diapering more comfortable. Thanks to Pampers coupons, you can enjoy brand name products at the same cost or less than generics. There are many ways to find Pampers coupons, and the more you find, the more you save. The easiest way is to clip coupons from local ads in the newspapers. Pampers will often include an insert that will offer several coupons to save .50 to a $1.00 off diapers and wipes. Just be sure to read the coupon, as some are for specific types of diapers. Another way to save on the cost of Pampers diapers is to sign up for an email list or rewards program. The company will then email coupons and special offers that can be used in stores. By signing up for mailing lists through baby product companies, you can also have coupons mailed to you. These types of coupons generally center on new products, so you will be mailed coupons to try new lines of diapers and wipes. In some cases, you may even be sent a trial product to try. Also be sure to utilize social media sites, as links for coupons and special offers are presented by the company. And, just by buying Pampers products, you can save money. The company will often include coupons with their larger packages of diapers and have a rewards program that allows you to collect reward points with each purchase and redeem them to buy Pampers products.

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Saving Money on Pampers Swaddlers?

New parents often find that Pampers Swaddlers are some of the best diapers available for small babies. However, the cost of diapers can add up, especially when you are dealing with a newborn that goes through ten or twelve diapers a day. Luckily, moms and dads can use a few tips and tricks to save money on Swaddlers and keep their babies clean and happy. Any parent with a baby should sign up on the Pampers site as soon as they find out they are having a baby. Pampers knows that they have many other diaper manufacturers to compete with and they'll send you coupons to help you save some money on their diapers. They send coupons for as much as $3.00 off a pack of Pampers Swaddlers. To save even more money, shop during a store's double days sales. During these sales, a store will double the value of your manufacturers' coupons, allowing you to save up to $6.00 on a pack of diapers. The Pampers website also has a points program called Gifts to Grow. By liking Pampers on Facebook, receiving emails from them, and reading parenting magazines, you can find codes that are worth Pampers points. The points can be used on Pampers Swaddlers and other diapers, diaper wipes, and diaper coupons. There are websites dedicated to keeping track of Gifts to Grow codes, so you can rack up a lot of points very quickly. If you want to save time and money shopping for Pampers Swaddlers, look at their diaper shipping program. Several online retailers work with Pampers to save you from late night trips to the store for diapers. By choosing your child's diaper size, the package size you need, and how often you need them, you can get diapers sent to your house as often as you need them. For maximum savings, buy in bulk. The price per diaper goes down considerably when you buy the largest box available. The Amazon Mom program has a great diaper subscription service. By signing up for it, you save 30% off the retail price of Pampers Swaddlers. It can save you $15 per box of Pampers Swaddlers. With these easy tips, you can keep your baby comfortable and dry while keeping your wallet full.

Price of diapers in 2004?

The average price of diapers in 2004 was $2.59

What was the Price of diapers in July 2007?

what was the average price of diapers in september 2006?

Price of diapers?

the price is 2.75

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Average price of Diapers?

The average price of a package of diapers is around 10 dollars. This can be more or less depending on the brand of diapers you are buying.

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How much did pampers diapers cost in 1978?

they didn't have disposable pampers back then. They had when they used it they had 2 wash it out and hang it 2 dry and re used it they didn't have disposable pampers back then. They had when they used it they had 2 wash it out and hang it 2 dry and re used it they didn't have disposable pampers back then. They had when they used it they had 2 wash it out and hang it 2 dry and re used it Actually Pampers first became available when my son was a few months old. He was born in April of 1972. I remember them being very expensive by that day's standards. Comparably, they've come way down in price.