Who opened Pandoras box?

Updated: 3/23/2024
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Surely it was Pandora who opened the box?

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In Greek mythology, Pandora was given a jar (often mistakenly referred to as a box) by the gods, which she opened out of curiosity, releasing all the evils into the world.

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Obviously it was Pandora

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Q: Who opened Pandoras box?
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What was left in Pandoras box after she opened it?

In it was left hope :)

What is the name of the box that holds the eucharist?

pandoras box

Is Pandoras box all about hope?

No, Pandora's box is a story from Greek mythology. The box contained all the evils and sicknesses of the world in one place. Someone got curious, and opened the box and released all of its contents on mortals.

What is chtroulette?

A Pandoras box. Don't open it.

Who are Pandoras brothers and sisters?

Prometheus plus Pandora's "box" is an urn.

What is setting of the story pandoras box?

Ancient Greece

What bad things came out of Pandoras box?

the myth says that pandora's box released evil into the world.

Why is Pandora's box so important?

It is important because in side the box was an elpis and that's what pandoras reaction was from!

Who is the shadowy intruder of Professor Layton?

The shadowy intruder in Professor Layton is Don Paolo. He appears in both the curious village and pandoras box. In curious village, he poses as Inspector Chelmey annd in pandoras box, he poses as Flora.

What was the story of Pandoras box explain?

we did this in history. Zues's daughter, was given a box and was told never to open it. One day she was so curious that she openend it and bad spirits and bad luck came out of the box. This is just a summary, but if you want the full story just google '' the story of pandoras box'', or something like that:)

Is Pandora's box in a museum?

NO. Pandoras box is an artifact from greek mythology, also it can be a social term referencing unknown evil about to be released.

Does Pandoras box system work?

No, not at all. Do not trust the pandora's box system. It is just some an ole wise tale