Who or what is Frankenstein in the novel by Marry Shelly?


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Victor Frankenstein is the scientist, who studies chemistry and is obsessed with the creation of life. Frankenstien later constructs a creature out of body parts and brings it to life. Victor Frankenstein did not name his creatre, it is often known as Frankenstein's Monster or Frankenstein's Creation. Frankenstein calls his creation the "daemon".


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Mary Shelly wrote the novel Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus.

Mary Shelly, famous author of Frankenstein

Frankenstein wasn't a robot. He was a human, he was the scientist Albert Frankenstein who made the monster in the gothic novel, 'Frankenstein', the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelly.

Yes, spelled Mary Shelley. She wrote Frankenstein in 1818- her most famous novel.

Victor Frankenstein is the main character in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Not the moster as is popular belief. Victor created the moster, who remains nameless. Shelley later stated that the monsters name was Adam.

"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly was the first, "Dracula" by Bram Stoker came after. Not sure if it was the second though

Mary Shelly was born the 30th of August in 1797.The idea for the novel arose in the summer of 1816 when she was staying at Lord Byron's villa in Geneva Switzerland.Finally,she published her novel in 1918.When she was 21.

In the novel Frankenstein, Elizabeth is the story-teller.

She is the author of the novel Frankenstein.

Where was the first Frankenstein Novel by Mary Shelley first published?

Mary Shelly never saw a film, nor made one. Her novel "Frankenstein" was published 1818, and she died in 1851. The first primitive "motion picture" was made in 1879.

The novel Frankenstein contains technological speculation.

Mary shelly was 19 when she wrote Frankenstein

"Frankestein" is a science fiction novel,or gothic science fiction.

Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley.

mary shelley was the author of frankenstein the novel

The idea of Frankenstein the monster comes from Mary Shelley's Gothic novel Frankenstein. However, it is a common misconception that Frankenstein is the monster. In the novel Frankenstein is not the monster instead he is the man who creates the monster.

Yes it was a successful novel

Mary shelly came up with the story of Frankenstein around a campfire

One of the themes in the novel is a commentary on the old Nature vs Nurture controversy. Shelly come down heavily on the nuture side of the argument.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Lord Byron was there when Frankenstein was written

Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" was first published 1 January 1818 .

In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Frankenstein is the surname of the main character, Victor Frankenstein. Victor was the scientist who created the creature after harnessing the power of electricity and developing a secret technique from his studies in chemistry and other sciences.A common misconception is that the creature Victor created was named "Frankenstein." This is false in the novel, as the creature was never given a proper name, though it was given many informal names such as "devil", "daemon", "monster", and "fiend." This misconception was propagated by a misleading stage adaption in which the monster was referred to as "Frankenstein."Since the novel was published, "Frankenstein" has often erroneously been used to refer to the monster. Though this usage is technically incorrect, researchers have deemed the use of "Frankenstein" to refer to the monster as well-established and acceptable.

Frankenstein is a horror novel written by Mary Shelly in 1818. The story follows the tales of three characters' point of view in an introverted fashion, similar to a matryoshka doll.The novel opens with Captain Robert Walton, who is on an expedition sailing north, writing to his sister Margaret (who is intended to be the audience reading the novel) about his journeys and finding Victor Frankenstein, who Walton rescues from certain death.Frankenstein proceeds to recall his life story to Walton, who relays it to his sister in the form of letters. In his tale, Frankenstein tells of his creating a terrible monster, known simply as "the creature" among other things but is never given a proper name. It is a common misconception that "Frankenstein" is the name of the monster, but this is false as Frankenstein is the scientist who creates the monster.Frankenstein then continues to recall the creature catching up to him and telling him its own life story, which Frankenstein relays to Walton, who again relays it to Margaret. The overall novel both opens and closes with Captain Walton.At the age of 17, the novel Frankenstein was actually written by Shelly as part of a friend's challenge to create horror stories to pass the time during a rain-in at a vacation home. Shelly would later claim that the actual idea of the story and the monster came to her in a dream in which she awoke and beheld in terror the creature of Frankenstein at her bedside.Frankenstein is an important work of literature that is considered to be one of the earliest works of science fiction. The book has had considerable influence in the creation of horror films with over 50 films and other screenworks having been inspired by the tragic story of Victor Frankenstein and his creature. Frankenstein is also an early opponent of scientific advancement, warning against the negative consequences hasty advances in science can bring forth.The novel is considered to be one of the greatest works of literature in the English language. As a result, Frankenstein is often a required literary reading in many secondary educations.

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