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Pharoah ordered the death of all baby boys because the population of Hebrews was getting so large. The Egyptians became concerned that they would be over taken by the Hebrews. However, according to The Bible, it didn't work because 2 midwives didn't follow through with the order they received from Pharoah to kill the new born boys. A wonderful case of civil disobedience!!

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Q: Who ordered that baby boys should be put to death?
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What was the pharaoh's command regarding the babies of the Israelites?

He ordered all baby Hebrew boys to be killed.

What chapter of the Bible is the story where Herod ordered baby boys to be killed?

(The Gospel according to) St. Matthew 2:16.

When did the pharaoh of Egypt order all newborn baby boys to death?

"According to the book of Exodus, Mose was born during a time the children of Israel, were increasing larger and the Egyptian Pharaoh was afraid that they would revolt against him. For that reason, he ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed. Nevertheless, Moses mother, hid him and he was adopted foundling by the Eqyptian royal family. " -Hamdi Mo.

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Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph went to Egypt because the King of Bethlehem was scared of being replaced by a younger unrelated boy, so ordered all boys under age 5 to be put to death.

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