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Q: Who owns Birmingham Midshires?
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When was Birmingham Midshires created?

Birmingham Midshires was created in 1986.

Where are the Birmingham Midshires located?

The Birmingham Midshires better known as BM are located in the Ukraine. They have many offices, offering all types of banking and mortgage assistance. Their home office is in Wolverton.

What type of mortgages are available for Birmingham midshires?

Birmingham Midshires is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers a variety of different mortgages with variable interest rates. More information can be found on the company's official website.

What kind of savings accounts does Birmingham Midshires offer?

Birmingham Midshires offers a few types of savings accounts. Some of those savings accounts include easy access savings accounts, fixed rate bonds accounts,and ISAs.

Who owns Birmingham airport?

usain bolt.

Who owns perry barr stadium?

Birmingham city council

What brewery owns the Windmill Pub Lye Stourbridge?

Birmingham England

The Birmingham Public Library owns this rare collection of maps and atlases?


How much is the average loan interest from Birmingham Midshires?

It depends on your credit more than anything else. They offer both variable and fixed rate loans. The rates are affected by the term of the loan and your credit score. They offer rates as low as 1.35% for an ISA loan and 3.00% for a fixed rate loan.

Which brewery owns The Britannia Pub in Acocks Green Birmingham?

enterprise inns plc - monkspath hall road - shirley

What services does Birmingham Midshires building society provide its customers?

Financial savings acounts, ISA's, loans, current acounts. Many services which can be asked about by looking up their website or entering their brance and asking a member of staff, they will offer a very wide rage of services including most of the usual services offered by banks.

Who owns Bama products?

My jar of BAMA Apple Butter in the fridge says it was distributed by BAMA Foods, Inc and gives a Birmingham PO Box.