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This is confidential information, and unless you actually know the person who owns the passport, you can't find out who they are. A passport number such as this may be used in identity theft.

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Q: Who ownsthe American passport 50011598?
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Can an American return to the US on a UK passport?

No. If he is an American he must have a valid American passport.

Does President Obama hold an American passport?

Of course. He is an American citizen, so he would certainly hold an American passport.

What is the difference between an American student and an English student?

One has an American passport and the other has an English passport

Can a person have a Canadian and American passport?

Yes, a person may hold both a Canadian and American passport.

Can I travel with my french passport if my American passport is expired?

You must always use a valid American passport when entering and departing the US even if you are a dual citizen.

Can you work in America without your American passport?

I am an American citizen and want to go and work in the states. I do not have an American passport yet, and can only get one when I get to America as all my documentation is over there. Can I go to the country, get a passport and then work?

Can you hold USA passport and a Pakistani passport?

yes but when u travel u always have to carry your american passport

How long does it take a non citizen from Greece to get an American passport?

It will take at least six months for a non-citizen from Greece to get an American passport.

Where is passport book number on Nigerian passport?

I have the same problem when i wanted to apply for an american visa..i think its not applicable to nigerian passport.

Who owns the American passport?

I want to know

If a husband is Argentinean can the American Wife of 3 years get the Argentina passport as well as keep the Current American passport?

Of course. Argentina allows dual citizenship.

Where do you get the American passports?

An American passport can be obtained from the Travel State Government. It is advisable to make an appointment at a selected Regional Passport Agency. Alternatively a passport can be obtained by mail, but may take longer.