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Christian Bale


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Micky Ward goes by Irish.

The Irish-American boxer Micky Ward.

According to imdb "The Fighter, is a drama about boxer 'Irish' Micky Ward"

Micky Ward's birth name is George M. Ward Jr..

Micky Ward was born on October 4, 1965, in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.

Ward is the former American junior welterweight professional boxer and former Word Boxing Union (WBU) champion who hails from the hardscrabble Irish American working class town of Lowell in Massachusetts.

Micky Ward Boxing Gym located on the 2nd floor of Gold's Gym in Chelmsford, Mass

Micky lives in the city he grew up in - Lowell, Massachusetts.

Michael Ward - Irish politician - died in 1759.

Michael Ward - Irish politician - was born in 1683.

he is half Irish coz his dad is Irish hope that helped :)

It was in the seven figure region. He made enough to retire.

The movie The Fighter (2010) stars Mark Wahlberg as boxing legend "Irish" Micky Ward and Christian Bale as the brother who helps train him. Co-stars include Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Jack McGee. Both Bale and Leo received 'Best Performance in a Supporting Role' Oscars at the 2011 Academy Awards.

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William R. Ward has written: 'A primer for Irish genealogical research' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Handbooks, manuals, Irish Genealogy

Syd Ward died in 2010.

Colin Ward died in 2010.

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the irish to ward off the spirts

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because it was an Irish tradition to ward off ghosts

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In the melting-pot that is America, you can be define by your ancestors background, if you had Irish ancestors or parents you would be considered Irish-American or as they shorten it in America to just Irish, Italian, polak, Russian, scotch-Irish etc

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