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Q: Who played in Sleeping Beauty?
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Who played Sleeping Beauty in Shrek the third?

Cheri Oteri played Sleeping Beauty in Shrek the Third.

What is the subject in the sentence Sleeping Beauty keeps sleeping?

sleeping beauty

Who played Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty?

Bill Shirley

Did the Sleeping Beauty snore?

No sleeping beauty did not snore

Who is the main character of Sleeping Beauty?

sleeping beauty.

Who was Aurora in Sleeping Beauty?

Aurora is Sleeping Beauty.

What is the exposition of the story Sleeping Beauty?

The beginning of sleeping beauty

Where did Sleeping Beauty live?

Sleeping Beauty lived in PERCEFOREST!!!!!!!!!!

What the moral values of Sleeping Beauty?

moral value of the sleeping beauty

What is the conflict of the story sleeping beauty?

The witch cursed sleeping beauty

What awoke the priness in Sleeping Beauty?

The prince. When he kissed sleeping beauty.

Is the castle at Disneyland Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

It's Sleeping Beauty.

Who narrated Sleeping Beauty?

Marvin Miller is the narrator in Sleeping Beauty.

Who did Sleeping Beauty marry?

sleeping beauty married the prince philip

What is the symbol of Sleeping Beauty?

The symbol for sleeping beauty is a rose

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sleeping Beauty - 1912?

The cast of The Sleeping Beauty - 1912 includes: Ivy Close as Sleeping Beauty

Who played the white fairy in 1987 movie Sleeping Beauty?

Jane Wiedlin

Sleeping Beauty's real name?

Sleeping Beauty's real name is Christabel.

Who was the voice of Sleeping Beauty?

Mary Costa as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Who was the author and illustrator of Sleeping Beauty?

The author of sleeping beauty is Charles Perrault

What country does Sleeping Beauty originally come from?

sleeping beauty comes from englan

When was Sleeping Beauty Castle created?

Sleeping Beauty Castle was created in 2005.

When was The Sleeping Beauty - ballet - created?

The Sleeping Beauty - ballet - was created in 1890.

When was Disney's Sleeping Beauty released?

Disney's Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959.

What is the climax in the story of the Sleeping Beauty?