Who plays basta in the movie Inkheart?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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He´s played by Jamie Foreman. Not a good choose I think :(

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Q: Who plays basta in the movie Inkheart?
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Who plays Basta in Inkheart?

Basta in the film adaptation of "Inkheart" is played by actor Jamie Foreman.

Who is Elenor in Inkheart the movie?

Helen Mirren plays the part of elenor in the inkheart movie

Who plays meggie folchart in Inkheart?

Eliza Bennett plays Meggie Folchart in the movie Inkheart

From the book Inkheart what weapon did basta carry with him?

In the book "Inkheart," Basta typically carries a sharp knife as his weapon of choice. He is known for his skill in using it and is a dangerous adversary because of it.

Who plays Meggie in the movie Inkheart?

Eliza Bennett

What is basta's strength in Inkheart?

Fighting with a knife, being reckless and evil

Who plays teressa in Inkheart the movie?

Sienna Guillory plays Teresa(Resa) Folchart in the 2008 movie.

Who plays the character Capricorn in the movie Inkheart?

Andy Serkis

What are the names of the evil characters in Inkheart?

Capricorn, Basta, Orpheas, Mortola (The Magpie) and The Adderhead..

Why is basta superstitious in Inkheart?

There really isn't a reason, he just is. Read the books they are awesome!

Who is the guy who plays the Egyptian guy in Inkheart?

Rafi Gavron plays Farid on the Inkheat Movie.

Who plays Mo Folchart in the movie Inkheart?

Mo is played by Brendan Fraser.