Who plays charlie in minute men?


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Luke Benward plays Charlie Tuttle in Minute Men.

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Minute Men was on the U.S. side.

Mia Talerico plays Charlie on Good Luck Charlie. :)

Minute men are militia men who were able to ready their arms in minutes.

please anwerser my question who are or is the tall guy who plays zeth from minute men=D

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Charlie Harper or Charlie Waffles which is his stage name in the show as he is among other things, a children's song writer, is played by the great and truly amazing American actor Charlie Sheen.

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Mia Talerico plays Charlie Duncan in "Good Luck Charlie." It is a really good show!

Minute men was on the U.S. side.

minute men gave the colonists men to fight when there were no more men. Minute men gave the Patriots a great strength and power over Great Britain as they fought to victory.

Charlie Sheen plays the piano on the show. He is the only main character on the show that plays the piano and his character is a jingle writer. It is hard to tell if he actually plays though.

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