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Harcourt, Inc.

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"Once Upon a Marigold" was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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Q: Who published once upon a marigold?
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How many pages does Once Upon a Marigold have?

Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris has 276 pages in its paperback edition.

Is there a book 3 in the once upon a marigold series?

As of January 2012, there is not a 3rd book in the Once Upon a Marigold series.

Who are the main characters in once upon a marigold?

Christian, Marigold, Olympia, Swithbert and Ed. But mainly Chris and Marigold

What are the sisters names in once upon a marigold?


Is Christian the main character in the book once upon a marigold?


Who is the main character of the book the song-lines?

mostly marigold because she is the whole maid part of once upon a marigold

Characters in once upon a marigold?

"Once Upon a Marigold" features characters such as Christian, a young inventor; Princess Marigold, the object of Christian's affections; and a host of quirky side characters including a troll named Edric and a talking dog named Scurvy. Each character adds to the whimsical and charming atmosphere of the story.

Once upon a marigold?

You don't have a specific question asked, but the bookOnce Upon a Marigold is excellent. I would definitely recommend it. Here is some more info on it:, there is a second book called Twice Upon a Marigold, I didn't love as much as the first book but its alright.

How old is Christian in once upon a marigold?

Christian is about 19 years old, I believe.

What is the setting of twice upon a marigold?

the setting in Twice Upon A Marigold is in beaurivage!

How many pages is the book twice upon a marigold?

there are 304 pages in Twice Upon a marigold.

What is the name of King Swithbert's kingdom in Once Upon a Marigold?

There's two, one is Beaurivage (which is where Swithbert/Marigold/Chris live/work) and then Zandelphia (which is where two of the tripletts live)