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Who removed a thorn from a lion's paw?

The story goes that the Roman slave Androcles removed the thorn from a lions paw. In catholic tales St Jerome removed the thorn.

The boys pulled a thorn out of the dogs paw.?

You probably shouldn't let your boy pull thorns out of the dogs paw unless your watching them because they could hurt themselves of the dog by accident.

Which man pulled the thorn out of the lion's paw?

According to the Orthodox Christians: Saints Gerasimus, and Sabbas (Sava) the Sanctified. At least one other. Besides these a number of saints had lions for companions. Some Italian folk say: Jerome And in Pagan Mythology: Androcles, sometimes spelled Androclus.

What happens when your dog starts biting his paw?

It will get a painful paw. Check the paw to see if perhaps there is a seed or thorn in it that is irritating the dog.

What does a lion paw look like?

a lions paw is very large and shaped similarly to that of a dog

What company has a black paw print logo?

The British Columbia Lions has a black paw print logo.

Who is the author of the story Under the Lion's Paw?

Hamlin Garland is the author of Under the Lion's Paw

What is a simile for pain?

As painful as a thorn in the paw.

Why do paintings of Saint Jerome have lions in it?

"...he is shown with a lion, from whose paw, according to legend, he once drew a thorn. Actually this story was transferred to him from the tradition of St. Gerasimus, but a lion is not an inappropriate symbol for so fearless a champion of the faith." ~mellissalove~

How big is a ligers paw?

some are more than 2 lions!

Does thornpaw die?

Thorn paw dose not die. But in Omen Of The Stars, he does end his warrior ship to live with in the dens of clan cats or battles(Firstar, Bramble kit, and Thorn pelt)

Give a sentence using a friendly manner?

I approached the wounded lion in a friendly manner, and he let me remove the thorn from his paw.

What would cause a dog to growl and attack his own paw?

He may have a thorn or parasite in his paw. If you try to look at it he might try to bite you because it is tender. take him to the vet so the can observe and tell you for certain what is wrong.

My cat has been limbing for two days and now the paw is swollen what might be wrong with her?

there may be a thorn or sliver in her paw, check it over for bleeding and try to find the source, if it continues then take it to the vet, it may be infected.

What are the lion's special features?

There are a number of special features found in lions. Some of them include the strong paw, sharp teeth and mane found in male lions.

What are special adaptation to lions' environments?

their fur blends in, and their paw is big so its good for preying.

Where can you find lions paw seashells?

Depends on that size and color you are looking for. I'd start looking on beaches.

How high is an African lion?

That depends on what you mean by how high. Male lions are typically about 4 feet tall from paw to shoulder, while females are 3 feet 6 inches from paw to shoulder.

What color Is A Lions Paw?

dark brown/black. Fur is yellowish dark brown/black. Fur is yellowish

What are the structural adaptations of a lion?

The structural adaptations of a lion include their claws. Lions have also had adaptations to their teeth and paw sizes.

What should you do with a paw paw?

A paw paw is a fruit that grows on the paw paw tree.

Who wins in a fight 3 lions or 1 polar bear?

I bet the polar bear would win. One paw swipe from the beast can kill all 3 lions at one time. It's also very powerful, it will take about 8 lions to defeat a single bear.Answer 2:The polar bear might win. One paw swipe from the polar bear can kill all 2 attacking lions at one time. It's also very powerful, and thus it will take about 6 lions to defeat an attacking polar bear.

What are some plants that grow in the savanna biome?

Acacia Senegal Baobab Bermuda Grass Candelabra Tree Elephant Grass Gum Tree Eucalyptus Jackalberry Tree Jarrah tree Kangaroo Paw Manketti Tree River Bushwillow Umbrella Thorn Acacia Whistling Thorn

How strong are adult lions?

The lion is a very strong animal. It can tear you apart in minutes with its teeth. and a slap with its paw can break your bones.

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