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Dmitri Mendeleev is credited with the first Periodic Table

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The first periodic table of elements Mendeleev created contained only 45 elements

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Q: Who put forward the idea of the periodic table?
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What is Jhon Dalton's contribution on the periodic table of elements?

john Dalton died in 1854. The first periodic table was published in 1869. But john Dalton did put forward the first clear idea of atoms and molecules.

Who first put forward the idea of Pangaea?

Alfred Wegener first put forward the idea in 1912

Who put the periodic table in order?

The Periodic Table was put together by a Russian college professer named Dmitri Mendeleev. He did it to help his students remember the elements that were on the table at the time.

How did Dmitri Mendeleev figure out how to put the first periodic table together?

The first periodic table was put in order of atomic mass, not atomic number.

When was the periodic table put together?

1869 by Mendeleev

Who originally put the periodic table together?

Dimitri Mendeleev. But it didnt look like the periodic table we use today.

Who put together the modern periodic table?

Philip Stewart

How many elements did Mendeleev have to put into his periodic table?


How is the periodic table grouped?

the periodic table is grouped according to similarities. when Mendeleev grouped his first periodic table they followed a pattern. any elements that contained similarities they were all put into the same column.

What is an idea stated or put forward for consideration?


What is meant by a group of elements?

It is meant some of the elements in the periodic table put into a group! The vertical columns in the periodic table are called groups

How any elements are in the periodic table?

I know that there are over a hundred but you can't always say because when more elements are discovered they are put on the periodic table on the standard table there are 118,

What do people put in the swimming pool from the periodic table?

Water and chlorine.

Who was the first person to put the periodic table together?

Dimitri Mendeleev

Why is the periodic table put into groups and rows?

So people know!

Where is gadolinium located in periodic table?

Gadolinium is in the middle of the lanthanide sequence on the periodic table. (The lanthanide sequence is the skinny part at the bottom that, in some periodic tables, is put off to the side.)

What is the order of elements in the periodic table based on?

The elements of the periodic table were put in a specific order based off of the increasing atomic mass. The periodic table we use today has the elements arranged according to their increasing atomic numbers.

Why lanthanides and actinides separate from modern periodic table?

They are not actually detached. They are only put at the bottom to condense the periodic table more reasonably. If you look at a picture of the extended periodic table you would see that they are right in there with the transition metals

Who put the periodic table together first?

The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev was the first scientist to make a periodic table similar to the one used today.

Why did carbon get put on the periodic table?

becuz its an element and thats what the tables made for

What is the element named after the man that put the first Periodic table together?


Do the elements in a column on the periodic table have similar characteristics?

Yes they do that is why they are put that way.

Who redesigned the periodic table to put elements in order by atomic number?


Why is the lanthanide and actinide series below the table?

They are below the table just as a convinence, you can put them into the periodic table if you want to, but it just makes the table long

Who put forward the law of constant proportion?

This was an idea of John Dalton.