Who puts junk in space?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Space launches, to get astronauts into space, or to place satellites in Earth orbit, cause unintentional debris as rocket stages are jettisoned and explosive bolts fire. The debris generated travels at huge speeds and remains in orbit for many years.

Satellites come to the end of their life, when batteries fail, or electronics wear out and are left in their orbits to naturally decay and fall back to Earth.

Finally,the worst form of space junk is the deliberate disintegration of a target satellites by the testing of new space weapons. These weapons are used to show off the technological abilities of nations and as a sign of strength. We are making a prison for ourselves since there are millions of pieces of junk in space and when the Shuttle hit a fleck of paint in space it very nearly blew a hole in the cockpit glass.

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Q: Who puts junk in space?
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How does space junk get in space?

Space junk is mainly old satellites that we never bothered to bring back to earth. In other words, we launch space junk to space, but it's not junk at launch. Get it?

Is space junk real?

Yes it is, space junk , space junk orbits the earth just above it atmoshpere . Space junk consists of debris from shuttle and rockets sent to the moon or to explore deep space. ░¤JΣ†¤░

How does space junk in to space?

"Space Junk" gets into space because of us leaving materials behind when we visit space.

Where does space junk come from?

space junk is created by humans with out purpose, is created by the satellites , space rockets ..etc. the space junk is the little parts that fall or get of these things

Is Saturn Space Junk?

No. Space junk consists of fragments of spacecraft left in space. Saturn is a planet.

How does space junk get into space?

Space junk gets into space by astronauts dropping there gloves or a tool when they are working at a space station, or things that come off a space station. in other words the only space junk there is, is from us humans.

Does space junk interact with asteroids?

This would happen, space junk could collide with asteroids, but most space junk is close to the earth, away from the main asteroid belt. It would be more likely to collide with meteroids and other bits of space junk.

How are space junk dispose in space?

it was disposed in space by arcrafts

How are space junk disposed in space?

it was disposed in space by arcrafts

What countries contribute to space junk the most?

The number one contributor to space junk is Russia and the UK.

Why does space junk form?

Because satellites are blown up, forming debris, which is called space junk

What are other dangers in outer space?

well i think they would mostly be space junk check this out its the earth and all that white stuff is space junk orbiting earth.