Who raven pregnant with?


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Nobody had a child or baby by Raven she never gave birth to a baby in her life.

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Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

Raven is not pregnant. She never was. She is just overweight.

No, Raven Symone is not married.

It is said to be that Raven is Prgnant by Devon off of that so raven

is raven symone pregnant

no body she is not pregnant!!!!!!!! This is a rumor. She has not had a baby, is not pregnant and has not adopted a child.

Raven is Prengant it is 2010 right now and she had (her) already!

yes she is pregant and she has a daughter

looks like she is with the star Eddie from that's so raven

she was never pregnant!!!

Raven Symone is 22 years old and she is married to Orlando Brown. She is not pregnant. I think she has a baby but I'm not sure yet.

raven was having some issues with other cast members.

Raven symone= not pregnant.

No and she's not pregnant either...

Unfortunately She didn't. It was a false rumor..


No, Raven Symone is not pregnant nor did she give birth. Rumors peaked in July of 2009.

no, but theres a rumour that shes pregnant with a boyfriend

is raven simone having a baby soon or is she planing on having one yet or is she pregnant or do she dont know please give me a answer === === * Help

She did not have a child, there were rumors in the media illegibly reporting her pregnancy but in an interview Symone's Rep told PEOPLE "Raven-Symoné is not pregnant nor did she give birth,"

im not sure.thats wat i heard,she fine as heck though so yes she is pregnant

No. there were rumors circulating that she was indeed pregnant but she put those rumors to rest in ebony magazine and on tyra

Her real name is Raven-Symone Christina Pearman aka Raven

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