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A Grand Jury returns an indictment. Criminal Justice pg 16 schmalleger

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A grand jury returns?


Who returns a true bill of indictment when it finds enough evidence to warrant a trial?

In the US, that would be a "Grand Jury."

What is a pre-indictment?

what is the meaning of having a pre indictment on a risdential burgry case

What is ex-officio indictment mean?

An ex-officio indictment is an indictment presented to a higher court when no committal has occurred for the relevant charges in the indictment.

Use indictment in a sentence?

An indictment is, essentially, to be formally accused of something. An example sentence is: The indictment was absolutely humiliating for him.

Does the defendant have to be present during the indictment hearing?

No, and usually they are not. Also: It is not an indictment "hearing," it is an indictment presentment to the Grand Jury.

What is Georgia's indictment law?

what's Georgia's indictment law

What is enditement?

it is misspelled indictmenthttp:/

What is the antonym for indictment?

The antonym for indictment is absolution, exoneration, or acquittal.

What is indictment in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of INDICTMENT: pag-aakusa

What does it mean for a case to be no billed?

It means the grand jury refused to return an indictment. An indictment is sometimes called a "bill of indictment."

How would you use indictment in a sentence?

The Grand Jury handed down a four count indictment.An indictment charges someone but it does not determine guilt.With his indictment of the US President, the Republican Senator caused a national debate.An indictment is not just used in law but in everyday language.

How do you get an indictment discovery?

How do you get an indictment discovery and get it within a resonable amount of time?

Are you arrested after a grand jury indictment?

If the indictment is returned as TRUE, yes.

How do you spell indictment?

That is the correct spelling of "indictment" (a formal charge in a crime).

What is Indictment 99999 0099?

what does this indictment number mean 99999/0099

What does motion to amend indictment mean?

The word amend means to change. So a motion to amend indictment means a motion to change the indictment.

What does superseding process or superseding indictment mean?

An indictment or process that supersedes the original of such.

What happens with a supervening indictment?

A supervening indictment refers to a formal charge of felony. It is an indictment by the Grand Jury that orders the defendant to report to court for the arraignment.

What if you are out on bail and then grand jury indictment can you be rearrested on same charges?

An indictment is a charging document. If a person was already out on bail and then indicted, the indictment would be for new charges.

Can a person own a gun if under indictment?

Indictment for a felony- you may not POSSESS a gun.

What do indictment counts mean?

Each count of an indictment is a separate criminal charge against the person.

What does it mean when someone is facing an indictment?

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime. A direct indictment is one in which the case is sent directly to trial before a preliminary inquiry is completed.

What rhymes with excitement?

Enlightenment, movement, and compliant just to name a few.indictmentenlightmentindictment,incitement

Is there a statute of limitations on a robbery with indictment?

The indictment has already been issued. The statute of limitations no longer applies.