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Who ruled Germany in 1914?

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Kaiser Wilhelm II.

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What year was Germany two separate countries 1914 or 1948?

Germany was split into four occupation zones in 1945; in 1948, three of the zones were united into West Germany and the remaining zone became East Germany. So 1948 is your answer. In 1914, Germany was a single country ruled by a Kaiser ("Emperor").

Who ruled siberia in 1914?

The tsar, Nicholas II Romanov, ruled Siberia and the whole of the Russian empire in 1914.

Who ruled France in 1914?

France was ruled by Clement Armand Fallieres in 1914. He was a French politician and president of the French Republic.

Who ruled Italy in 1914?


What is the country adolf Hitler ruled?

Adolf Hitler ruled in Germany

Who ruled America in 1914?

Woodrow Wilson

Who ruled Greece in 1914?

Eleftherias Venizelas

In 1914 what country was sarajevo in?

Sarajevo was the main city of Bosnia which, in 1914, was ruled by Serbia.

Who ruled over Nazi Germany?

The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany. That is why it is called "Nazi" Germany.

What actors and actresses appeared in When Rome Ruled - 1914?

The cast of When Rome Ruled - 1914 includes: Clifford Bruce as Caius Nell Craig as Nydia

Who was Russian president in 1914?

Russia did not have a president in 1914, it was still ruled by Czar Nicholas II.

Who ruled Bosnia in 1914?

Austria-Hungarian Empire

Who ruled Russia in 1914?

Tsar Nicholas ii

Who ruled austria Hungary in 1914?

Katy smith

Who is the king and queen of Germany in 1914?

The Emperor of Germany in 1914 was William II and his wifes name was Victoria.

Majority of immigrants migrate from 1890-1914?


What are the natural resources of Germany in 1850-1914?


What type of government did Germany have in 1914?

Germany was a monarchy.

Who ruled Germany in 1910?

Prussia ruled Germany but after a few more years the Germans fought and got it back

Was Germany ruled by a king?

From the formation of a united Germany in 1871 until the end of World War I in 1918, Germany was ruled by a king known as a kaiser.

Had Germany developed into a stable united democracy by 1914?

No it wasn't by 1914 up to 1919 Germany was on a autocracy system

What are the ratings and certificates for Made in Germany - 1914?

Made in Germany - 1914 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

Who ruled Mexico during 1913 and 1914?

Victoriano Huerta (Feb 1913 - Jul 1914) qualifies as such.

Who ruled Germany during the Holocaust?

From 1933-1945 (which includes World War 2 and the Holocaust) Germany was ruled by Hitler.

When did Germany declare war on France in 1914?

6th august 1914

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