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I'll Give It FiveIt was Janice Nicholls from the Midlands who used to say "Oi'll give it foive"

By coincidence, this subject was raised in this morning's local newspaper. A journalist had said in an earlier article that Janice appeared on Juke Box Jury, but the correspondent in the letters page reckoned it was Thank Your Lucky Stars. (ITV) I just cannot remember. Anybody out there have an idea?

It was 'Thank your Lucky Stars'. The show was introduced by Brian Matthew who gave Janice Meacham (formerly Nicholls) her chance to become a living legend after she auditioned for the 'spin-a-disc' feature in the show.

There is more information on Janice and Thank Your Lucky Stars here -

American Bandstand

Hosted by Dick Clark was one of the most popular TV shows in the 50's,60's, 70's, and into the 80's. In those early years new music would be introduced at a certain point in the show and the cast would dance to it. Afterward the cast members ( dancers ) would rate the songs on a 1 to 10 scale. When asked you might hear "I'll give it a five, its got a great beat that's easy to dance to". People familiar with the show often used this way to rate all kinds of things and became part of modern slang, and a common comical answer when asked by someone " what do you think about that ". " Oh I'll give it an eight but you can't dance to it ".

Due to the popularity of the show this rating system became an extremely powerful influence in the music industry. If a debut song rated well on American Bandstand it did well in record sales so competition for time slots was fierce and fortunes were won and lost on the say so of Mr Clark and his show.

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