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True, very true but if you really can't be a friend then stay unpopular for the rest of your life

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What is the only way to have friends?

To be one.

Who said The only way to have a friends to be one?

well, if you want friends then you should try to be a friend first, and yes the golden rule is true that treat people the way you want to be treated. hope that helps! :]

Who said the quote The only way out is in?

Who said the quote The only way out is in?

What does it mean if you asked a girl out and she said she only wants to be friends and said that you are too good for her?

She is trying to let you down easy and may not be interested in you that way.

Why do your friends leave you out?

The only way you are going to know why your friends are leaving you out is by choosing one or two of those friends that you feel will tell you the truth.

Who said there is only one way out you have got to fight for the health?

Margaret Sanger

How can you find out if he loves you the same way as you love him he says were only friends but has also said he would be jealous if he seen you with someone else?

You already know the answer. He told you the answer himself. He said that he would be jealous if you were with someone else because he's also a manipulator; that's a way to control you. And, by the way, he even lied about the 'only friends' part, friends don't manipulate and control their friends. Now it's time for you to realize that how he would feels is of no consequence to you as he has no interest in your feelings.

Is it weird if you tell one of your close guy friends you love him?

Nope, As long as the way you said it wasn't mushy. ;) :D

When a guy says that you are the only one who understands him is he interested or just a friend?

A guy said that to me, and it depends. That isn't the only way a guy says that he likes you. The guy I know is one of my best friends! You shouldn't assume he likes you, but I'm not saying he doesn't cause he might!

Are Gerard Way and Billie Joe Armstrong friends?

yes, Gerard Way and Billie joe are good friends. Gerard said so in his own quote.

Chris and rihanna in love?

only as a way of friends.

Why is jesus considered the last offer of salvation?

Jesus clarly said Iam the only way, that means only one to give you salvation .

Can you get to be friends with Willow Smith?

no way my friend! the only way you get to know her or be a celeb

Does sonic loves blaze?

No, he does not love her for one reason, and the only reason he doesn't love is that they are only friends, and FYI she died in half way of the game

If a you like a girl but accidentally said you want to be friends but really do want to go out with her how do you tell her?

Just tell her the way you feel, that you were nervous and said that you wanted to just be friends....and that you really want to be with her

How do you get unlimited friends on moshi monsters for nonmembers?

As a non member you can only have up to 5000 friends. The only way to get unlimited friends is to become a Moshi Member.

Is facebook the number one way to catch up with friends?

Currently, Facebook is the #1 way to catch up with friends, but it isn't only that. It brings connections and communication with friends and family. Facebook is the #1 social networking site on the internet, compared to Myspace.

What is one way an immigrants could assimilate?

Going to school is always a good way. Not only do they learn the language, but other cues in society and make friends.

How can you speak to Noah Cyrus?

The only way is that you're friends with one of her closer friends. It's very hard though because she is not allowed to talk to people she doesnt know

What do you do when you still want to be best friends with some one but cant cause her boyfriend is getting in the way of things?

well there is only one thing you can do which is tell her hey i still want to be best friends with you but you got to give some time for just to hangout catchup your boyfriend is getting in the way think about or we can just be friends

How can you be patient with your friends?

One good way is to think of how you'd like to be treated. Before you say something you might regret to your friends, ask yourself "How would I feel if somebody said that to me?"Another way is to pretend your friends are VIPs - Very Important People - that you can't afford to insult or offend. Be as polite to your friends as you would be to a celebrity or the president or a king or queen.

Is there any way you can get related on Moshi Monsters?

The only way to be related on Moshi Monsters is to add Friends and make some of them your Best Friends.

Can you steal your friends stuff in FarmVille?

No, in farmville you can not steal of friends items in any way. The only way you get get items is by ever getting your friends to sent you gifts or by buying them in the market.

What does Billy Graham says about Jesus being the only way into heaven?

Not only Billy Graham but Jesus himself said this: "Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." This is in the gospel of John, Chapter 14, verse 6

Is there a way to block people from stealing your MySpace images and pictures?

The only way is to put your pictures on private. Meaning only visible by you.Or if you trust your friends not to steal your pictures then put your setting to only viewable to friends

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