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Q: Who sang dreams die hard?
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When was Dreams Die Hard created?

Dreams Die Hard was created in 1982.

Who sang the song dreams dreams dreams dreams?

Shark boy, from the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Who sang sweet dreams?


Who sang the song shattered dreams?

Who sang shattered dreans answer Johnny Hates Jazz

Who sang Shattered Dreams?

Johnny Hates Jazz

Who sang together in electric dreams?

Phil Oakley

Who sang boulevard of broken dreams?

Green Day.

Who sang Every night in your dreams?

Celina Deon

When was Long Hard Funky Dreams created?

Long Hard Funky Dreams was created on 1997-01-27.

What black group sang the song dreams in 1985?

Van Halen.

Who sang backing vocals on eurythmics sweet dreams?

Eddie Reader

Who sang sweet dreams are made of this?

The Eurythmics it came out in the 1980's

Who sang the song In My Dreams?

A number of artists sing the song "In My Dreams". There is a song title "In My Dreams" by Kid Cudi, Reo Speedwagon, Dokken, James Morrison, and Josh Turner.

How does Freddy kill you in your dreams?

The premise here is if you die in your dreams you die for real.

Who sang dream about you every night every day?

Smoke city -dreams

How old was Billie Joe Armstrong when he sang Boulevard Of Broken Dreams?


When was Dreams Never Die created?

Dreams Never Die was created in 1993-07.

How do you reach your dreams?

Believe in yourself and your dreams, then work hard to achieve your goals.

When did Sang Phathanothai die?

Sang Phathanothai died in 1986.

When did Lucas Sang die?

Lucas Sang died in 2008.

When did Bob Sang die?

Bob Sang died in 2009.

When did Edward Sang die?

Edward Sang died in 1890.

When did Yip Sang die?

Yip Sang died in 1927.

When did Julius Sang die?

Julius Sang died in 2004.

When did Tang Sang die?

Tang Sang died in 1986.