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Q: Who served as director of the national bank?
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Who is the director of Abbey National Bank PLC transfer Department?

Elizabeth William, is the accountant managing director.

Who is the Accounts Director of Abbey National Bank PLC?

Clive Thornton

What national program did Jackson effectivly kill because he thought it served the interests of the wealthy?

national bank

Who is the director of operations of Abbey National Bank PLC?

I believe, Lord Terrence Burns

Which area is served by First National Bank of Suffield?

The First National Bank of Suffield is located in the state of Connecticut. It has four branches, two in Suffield, one in Granby and another at Windsor Locks.

Would you tell about t ananda krishnan before he started first venture?

as i know he is on of board of director in bank negara Malaysia which is national bank of Malaysia..

Who is the director of world bank?

Ellen Goldstein is the Director of world bank.

What did Jacksonian Democrats believe about the national bank?

He thought it only served the ritch

What is full name of Punjab national bank chairman and managing director?

Punjab National Bank's Board of Directors are:Mr. K R Kamath - Chairman and Managing DirectorMr. M V Tanksale - Executive DirectorMr. Rakesh Sethi - Executive DirectorMrs. Ravneet Kaur - Government of India Nominee Director

Hamilton's national bank?

Hamilton supported the creation of the First Bank of the United States. Alexander Hamilton served as the 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Is Dr Mark Smit is new director in international remittance dept of abbey national plc?

THE BRANCH MANAGER ABBEY NATIONAL BANK PLC UK Contact: Abbey National House, 2 Triton Square, Regents Place London NW1 3AN, United Kingdom. Elizabeth William. ACCOUNTANT MANAGING DIRECTOR Accounts Department (International Remittance) ABBEYS NATIONAL BANK PLC®

Is Mr.David Morgan the managing director of Abbey National Bank?

Abbey National is a part of the Santander Group. A list of current (2010) board members can be found at the Santander website