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It was an irate homeowner whose house Mike Delfino broke into as he searched for clues to the fate of his drug-addicted ex-girlfriend, Dierdre.

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Q: Who shot Mike Delfino in season 1 of Desperate Housewives?
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Which guy will die on season 8 of desperate housewives?

Mike Delfino

Who died in desperate housewives?

Mike delfino

Who dies in Desperate Housewives?

Mike delfino

What characters die in season 8 of desperate housewives?

Mike Delfino, Karen McClusky

Who are the men on desperate housewives?

carlos solis mike delfino tom scavo these are the main men on desperate housewives

What is Mike Delfino's band name in Desperate Housewives?

Blue Odessey =]

Who is James of Desperate Housewives?

There is no character called James on Desperate Housewives, but James Denton plays Mike Delfino on the show.

Who played Mike Delfino's wife on Desperate housewives?

Terri Hatcher played the part of Susan Delfino

What happens to Dave Williams on desperate housewives?

He was admitted to a Mental Institution at the end of season 5 after trying to kill MJ Delfino to get revenge on Susan and Mike Delfino for killing Dave's wife and daughter in a car accident.

Where is MJ in Desperate Housewives?

MJ, short for Maynard James, is the son of Susan and Mike Delfino. He lives with both of his parents. This season, they left their home on Wisteria Lane and moved into an apartment.

How many times has desperate housewives Mike delfino been married?

from the top of my head i would say it was 2 with Susan but he has had 3 fiances

Will MJ get killed by Dave on Desperate Housewives?

Desperate housewives Neal mcdonough. Dave Williams. do not killed MJ Delfino your close. Friends. You. I can make you doing killed Mike Susan delfino right now doing for me. Neal mcdonough. Dave Williams your my boyfriend. Now

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