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It was an irate homeowner whose house Mike Delfino broke into as he searched for clues to the fate of his drug-addicted ex-girlfriend, Dierdre.

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Which guy will die on season 8 of desperate housewives?

Mike Delfino

What characters die in season 8 of desperate housewives?

Mike Delfino, Karen McClusky

Who died in desperate housewives?

Mike delfino

Who are the men on desperate housewives?

carlos solis mike delfino tom scavo these are the main men on desperate housewives

Who is James of Desperate Housewives?

There is no character called James on Desperate Housewives, but James Denton plays Mike Delfino on the show.

Who played Mike Delfino's wife on Desperate housewives?

Terri Hatcher played the part of Susan Delfino

What happens to Dave Williams on desperate housewives?

He was admitted to a Mental Institution at the end of season 5 after trying to kill MJ Delfino to get revenge on Susan and Mike Delfino for killing Dave's wife and daughter in a car accident.

Where is MJ in Desperate Housewives?

MJ, short for Maynard James, is the son of Susan and Mike Delfino. He lives with both of his parents. This season, they left their home on Wisteria Lane and moved into an apartment.

How many times has desperate housewives Mike delfino been married?

from the top of my head i would say it was 2 with Susan but he has had 3 fiances

Who killed Julia in desperate housewives?

There is no charactor called Julia on Desperate Housewives. A charactor named Julie Meyer got strangled earlier this season, but she did not die. The culprit has not been caught and is the mystry this season. Personally I think that it is her step-brother Zach Young (the biological son of Mike Delfino)-in earlier seasons he had a thing for her, but she rebuffed him and he already murdered his grandfather to get his money-so he is capable of it

Who is going to die on desperate housewives?


Who did mike marry in desperate housewives?


Who did mike marry on desperate housewives?


Did Mike remarry Susan in desperate housewives?


Is mike from desperate housewives really dead?

Yes he is :(

What happen to the housewives after mike die in desperate housewives?

Life on wisteria lane goes on...

Who did mike marry on desperate housewives last night?


Who did mike marry in desperate housewives Katherine or Susan?


What is Mike Delfino's band name in Desperate Housewives?

Blue Odessey =]

When was Mike Delfino created?

Mike Delfino was created in 2004.

In season 6 desperate housewive ho does mike delfino marry?

Susan! Fans said that it would be more interesting, seeing as it was originally Katherine, Marc Cherry changed it to SUSAN!

Who does mike marry at the end of the series finale in desperate housewives?

It is Susan. If you go to the information about Desperate Housewives on imdb and to season 5 and it specifies very clearly that he marries Susan not Katherine, so it seems very conclusive that he eventually chose Susan. Hope that helps.

How old was Susan from Desperate Housewives when she gets pregnant from Mike?

she was 34 but now she is 39

Did Nic Tribe contribute to the Music Production in Desperate Housewives?

yes he did and there is evidence.the track "fun house" co/written with Mike Farmer published by zone/boost music was synchronised in an episode od desperate housewives.

What happens on desperate housewives season 5 finale episode?

MJ survives, Dave gets sent to a mental hospital, SOMEONEgets married to Mike (they do not show her face) and it is all good!