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Q: Who sings on the new Chanel commercial?
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Who sings This is a man's world on chanel commercial?

Joss Stone

Who sings chanel No5 commercial on the train?

Its Billie Holiday "I'm a fool to want you"

Who sings the song from the Coco Chanel commercial and What is the name of the song?

Joss stone....its a man's world

Who sings target commercial You and Me?

The New Seekers

Who sings in the new Kia commericial?

Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus sings in the new Kia commercial. The commercial debuted during the Super Bowl in February 2014.

Who sings new Microsoft commercial?

Adam Levine

Who sings in new Microsoft commercial?

Adam Levine

Who sings in the new MacDonald commercial?

Steffan Williams

Who sings the new McDonald's McCafe commercial?


Who sings the new commercial by Heinekin?

black sabbath

Who sings new ups commercial?

Nadia ackerman

Who sings in new Dior commercial?

dolly parton