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Who sings the Fruit of the Loom song?


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collin raye


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The music is actually sung by"The Fruit Guys." You can get the mp3, lyrics, and videos to the song at the minisite created by Fruit of the Loom to showcase the music at

It's actually called Sweet Pea and it's by Amos Lee.

Date can find it on the FOTL website along with the lyrics ....I do. :)

Get Limewire, and search "Fruit of the Loom." You can find the one minute song there.

It's an original Fruit of the Loom commercial. It's such a good song, but it's only as long as you see it in the commercial. You can download the MP3 and the ringtone for free on the website:

Fruit of the loom means... Fruit of a loom!

Dream SongThis song was created just for the commercial. You can download it at The artist is Mindy can find her on YouTube.

It's an original country song called "You Can't Over Love" "You cant over love your underwear" check

Tim Davis. He has several songs on Itunes.

I have read somewhere that its a guy named Pablo Signori but i can't be 100% sure. That is true - Pablo Signori is the voice behind the Blue song. He is in the band Malbec. If this is the song i think it is... its Eiffel 65.

what is the ticker symbol for fruit of the loom

It's an original song composed for the commercial/video. in a question worded differently but asking for the same thing, someone said to search limewire "fruit of the loom". a one minute song should show up :)

The trademark "Fruit of the Loom" is a play on words. The phrase "fruit of the womb" (children) appears in the Bible and elsewhere, and the rhyming word "loom" is the basic threading tool used to produce cloth.

the Mary Jane Girls..?

No fruit of the loom underwear is not really made of fruit. It is the name that the advertising department created when making the underwear line. There are some pretty funny vintage commercials for fruit of the loom!

Its the lead singer from the band Rev Theory. Listen to any of their songs and you can clearly hear that it is him

I don't know but whoever it is has more talent than 99% of the guys on the radio & they are wasting their talen when they could be filling up stadiums! Answer 2: The Fruit Guys sing it, and the song is called "Comfortably". :)

Go to and you can get mp3s and ringtones.

All of FOTL's advertising is created by The Richards Group in Dallas, TX.

The song is performed by Pablo Signori from the band Malbec which is based in LA.

It's on the Fruit of the Loom "Fruit Guys" web site at the link below. The commercial can be found under the "Our Day Job" tab in the upper right. It's the first commercial that automatically runs on the site.

WOW come on you Know this that song is from a guy name Sisco. the song goes like this "let me see that make your botty go " and ect.AnswerI think you're thinking of the Fruit of the Loom guys singing "You Can't Ever Overlove Your Underwear". Check it out at Answeri think you are accualy thinking of the thong song by sisqo Answerthey asked the "underwear" song, not the "thong song" which is the sisco song. and the fruit of the loom guys' songs are amazing. they should think of creating an actual band! the guy singing who is not a "fruit" is counrty artist vince gill. he's married to Amy grant.

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