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The name of the song is "It was probably me" by Eric Clapton.
More specifically, it is "It's Probably Me" by Sting, featuring Mr. Clapton on guitar.

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Q: Who sings the rock roll song with the lyrics that go -I had to say it I had to say it but it was probably me?
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Who sings the song rock and roll with lyrics if they want to rock they rock and if they want to roll they roll?

Eric Hutchinson

Who sings the rock roll song with lyrics that go Well you can rock it you can roll it?

Eminem Eminem

Who sings the lyrics if she wants to rock she rocks if she want to roll she rolls?

Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson

Who sings the rock song with the lyrics that go - kill the ghost in your soul rock and roll?

Is it possibly Ghost by Slash? "Kill the ghost That hides in your soul Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll"

Who sings the song with the lyrics if he wants to rock he rocks if he wants to roll he rolls?

Eric Hutchinson

Who sings the song with the lyrics 'Rock and Roll Whogeeque'?

I believe you are refering to Rick Derringer's song 'Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo'. Released sometime in the mid to late seventies and a classic rock standard.

Kiss sings rock and roll all night?

Yes, Kiss sings the classic rock song, "Rock and Roll All Night," which includes the famous chorus, "I want to rock and roll all night / And party every day."

What did rock n roll sing about?

Rock 'n' Roll sings about whatever the f*ck it wants to.

What rock song has the lyrics of let it rock let it roll?

UMM Let It Roll by Divide The Day

What rock band sings you want to rock?

Nazareth - Somebody To Roll

How is teen rock differ form rock n roll?

Teen rock is more 'safe' if you may, it is more is catchier and more pop, unlike rock n roll. Teen rock probably doesn't have any guitar solo's or angry lyrics.

Who sings the the oldie Rock and Roll Gangster?


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Who sings the song with lyrics old man in a rock and roll band?

Chilliwack on the 1977 album Dreams Dreams Dreams The song is Fly by night and is on YouTube

Who sings the song with the lyrics When you're rocking to the sound of the old style rock and roll?

The band is called "Hunter". The song is named "Rock on" Ian Hunter ; former singer of Mott the Hoople.

What 1970's song has the lyrics rock and roll?

Led Zeppelin's song titled Rock n Roll

How did the blues influence Rock and Roll?

Blues is known for bass, drums and heartfelt lyrics, all of which is found in Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll was just more upbeat and fast.

Who sings rock and roll is here to stay?

Danny and the Juniors

Who sings rock and roll hoochi coo?

Rick Derringer

Who wrote the lyrics to rock and roll heaven?

Alan O'Day

What are Kiss the bands lyrics about?

Essentially, sex and rock and roll.

What song has the lyrics 'If she want to rock'?

That song is Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson

What were rock n roll songs about?

At the old days (when rock n roll was created) ir was about problems, drugs etc etc. now its about everything. my favrout rock n roll band is guns n roses because their lyrics have meaniings. that is rock n roll, not just people saying, HARD ROCKK, METAL that's not rock. As a matter of fact, Heavy Metal has so much diverged from the rest of Rock 'n Roll that it should probably now be considered a separate form of music, like Jazz. In the Sixties, rock used to be about relatively intelligent things, but it's been dumbed down quite a bit since then. When it started out, Rock lyrics were mostly about sex. Today Rock lyrics are mostly about sex.

Who sings Let him play some rock and roll?

Jerry Doucette

Who sings let em play some rock and roll?