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J. Ralph One Million Miles

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Q: Who sings the song in the vw big day commercial?
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In the candy commercial who sings this is the day things will surely change?

The song is "This Is The Day", by The The.

Who sings You Make My Day in a commercial?

The song is called "Make My Day" by Waldeck

Who sings the song on the labor day movie commercial Not the trailer but the commercial on TV Is it an Adele song?

It is Rihanna singing "Stay"

Who sings on robbins brothers commercial?

Donavon Frankenreiter. The song is "Lovely Day."

Who sings the song on the Cesar dog food commercial?

I think it is Doris Day.

Who sings the song on the LensCrafter commercial?

Donovan. The song is "colours" from his album: Reflection Songs for a Summer Day

Who sings the song from the new sony google tv commercial?

The song is "A New Day" by Scouting for Girls.

Who sings the song in the Earth day commercial?

The Temper Trap - Aussie band. Song title - Sweet Disposition

Who sings the song for Bounce Fabric Softener commercial?

"ordinary day" by emilie mover

Who sings the song for the Bounce fabric softener commercial?

ordinary day, Emilie Mover

Who sings the song another day another dollar on the Geico commercial?

Wynn Stewart

Who sings the song from the Radio Shack commercial that played around Father's day?

The song is "Little Secret" by Passion Pit

Who sings the song on the summer sears commercial for Father's Day?

Emilie Mover "Brand New"

Who sings vw commercial Big Day?

One Million Miles Away by J. Ralph.

Who sings the song night and day in the new Honda cr-z hybrid commercial?

Uprising by Muse

Who sings the song in the latest zales mother's day sale commercial?

Shovels and Rope "tickin' bomb"

Who sings the song in the latest Sony commercial?

Hey Monday - How you love me now Or it could be "A New Day" by Scouting for Girls. This was the song I was looking for off a Sony commercial.

Who sings the kay jewelers 2011 mothers' day commercial song?

Florence & the Machine. The song is called You've Got The Love.

Who sings the song in the Dell commercial for the new XPS computers where the old computers are being smashed?

Jennifer Terran sings it on the Dell commercial, however Doris Day first sang it. Que Sera Sera

Who sings the song in the Dan active commercial the sun comes shining through?

It sounds like Doris Day.

Who sings the song in the new August 2012 chase sapphire commercial titled Its going to Be A Great Day?

paul mccartney, great day

What is the name and who sings the song featured in the M and M commercial containing lyrics 'this is the day'?

It's called "this is the day" by The The you can youtube it, i had trouble finding it on limewire

Who is the lady that sings the Bill Withers song on the dfs commercial that contains the lyrics lovely day?

This version is by Elizabeth Mitchell. From the album "Sunny Day"

Who sings the song homecoming?

Green Day sings the song homecoming.

Who sings the magic song in the new Macy's Labor Day commercial?

It's a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song by the band Stimulator.