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The newest Nationwide Insurance Commercials stars Jana Kramer. Jana Kramer is also the voice behind the "Nationwide is on Your Side" tune.

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Is is John Francis Daley?

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Q: Who stars in the Nationwide Insurance Commercials?
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What commercials is Erica Piccininni in?

nationwide insurance

Who plays sherry in the nationwide insurance commercials?

ann hill

Who is the actress that plays Pam in the nationwide insurance commercials?

Cherion Drakes.

Where can one watch the Nationwide Insurance commercial?

There are a couple of places where one can enjoy watching the very inventive Nationwide Insurance commercials as much as they want. One can see them on Nationwide's website as well as YouTube.

Who is the girl in the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nationwide Insurance commercial?

His sister, Kelley Earnhardt-Elledge. In the most current Nationwide Insurance commercials, it's Danica Patrick.

What are some commercials for insurance companies?

Some commercials for insurance companies are the Allstate Raccoon Mayhem, Kevin Federline for Nationwide, SafeAuto "Kicked", and Geico's "Was Abe Lincoln Honest?".

Who owns Nationwide insurance?

Who owns Nationwide insurance

Can you get annual travel insurance from Nationwide?

Yes, you can get travel insurance from nationwide. You can also get a wide variety of other insurance from nationwide.

Who is the announcer interviewer on the Nationwide commercials?

Julia roberts

What commercials does Julia Roberts do voice overs?


What is the name of the recurring female character in Progressive Insurance commercials?

The quirky brunette who frequently stars in Progressive Insurance commercial is named Flo. She is most commonly known for her works on these commercials and her bouffant styled hair and red lipstick.

Where can one get qualified for Nationwide Express?

Nationwide Express is actually a trucking company and not an insurance plan. Getting qualified for Nationwide Insurance is as simple as calling their phone number as listed on the Nationwide Insurance website.