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Cheerleading was invented in 1898 by a man named Jhonny Campbell. It was an all male activity till the 1940's.


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No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

Kiara nowlin started in cheer twisters and then went to cheer force and is now on California all-stars bullets

miley started cheerleading when she was 6

Problably to cheer on teams and it grew and then competitave cheerleang started

Their was no first cheer leading team at first, cheer leading was created by a college male. He got in front of everybody and started cheering by himself 4 his team. And then people stared to join the team, and that is how the made the first cheer leading team.

No, it's not to young to start to cheer at age 12 i strated at age 3 i think they are right it is not to young i started when i was 6 or 7 years old

Cheer Boys Cheer was created in 1939.

The duration of Cheer Boys Cheer is 1.4 hours.

Bis is to cheer in spanish or venga also means to cheer these are the ways to cheer or encore in spanish and not the way to say cheer meaning cheer up

That there is Cheer 1, Cheer 2, Cheer 3, Cheer 4, and so on. Levels are like how advanced the class is. Cheer 1 is easy and Cheer 5 is more difficult.

Because All-Star cheerleading does not cheer for a school! Instead they cheer for their own cheer team! The only sport that they cheer for is their own cheerleading team!

WE GOT SPIRIT AND WHERE BLUE WE WILL SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO!!! or 2468 WHO DO WE APPRICIEATE NOT THE KING NOT THE QUEEN WE SUPPORT THE (team name)TEAM!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO (team name) or turn on the radio what do you here?? blue house,blue house cheer cheer cheer. cheer it from the left, cheer it from the right cheer it for the house that has the might!! or turn on the radio what do you hear blue house blue house cheer cheer cheer. cheer it from the east, cheer it from the west, cheer it for the house that is the best!!

you can get it at cheer leading web site they have cheer uniforms their.

For people who don't want to cheer sideline, like a more challenging cheer experience, or want to cheer year round

The address of the What Cheer Public Library is: 308 S Barnes St, What Cheer, 50268 0324

Cheer is a verb (the crowd cheered) and a noun (full of good cheer).

Cheer spirit is kinda like showing your spirit for school but instead for cheer like where your favorite cheer team colors and stuff

The opposite of cheer as a noun is gloom; of cheer meaning to raise the spirits, sadden; of cheer meaning to encourage a team, boo.

high school cheer squads middle school squads commpetitive cheer squads

Yes Because you do gymnastics tumbling and cheer at the same time.

try popwarner cheer, its cheeper or school cheer

it got started in the 90s because girls/boys who didnt make there school cheer squad or whoever just wasnt old enough to be in hs could be in an all star team and that's how it got started!

the best cheer is hey mikey

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