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Xavier glitts, or tommy's mom's boy friend

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Q: Who stole painting in Chasing Vermeer?
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Who stole the painting in chasing vermeer?

Fred, Tommy's stepdad, stole the painting, because he was actually Xavier Glitts, an art theif.

Who is the antagonist of the story of chasing vermeer?

The Antagonist of Chasing Vermeer is Fred, ( Xavier Glitts ) or "Glitter Man. He was the person that stole the painting, The Lady Writing.YOLO NERD

What is the conflict of chasing vermeer?

the answer is that someone had stole the painting and they didnt know who it was and they had letters that kept leading up but they still could not find it

Who stole a lady writing in chasing vermeer?

Old Fred did

Who steals the painting in Chasing Vermeer?

glitter man

Where was the painting found in Chasing Vermeer?

In the book, "Chasing Vermeer" a painting is stolen. It is later found in Delia Dell Hall under the 12th step of the main staircase.

What is the problem of chasing vermeer?

The evidence of Chasing Vermeer is that Vermeer's painting "The Lady", was stolen by this guy name Xavier glitts who is also known as Glitter man and Fred

What is the falling action of Chasing Vermeer?

the painting gets stolen

What is the plot of Chasing Vermeer?

Chasing Vermeer tells the story of how Petra and Calder, classmates at the University of Chicago Lab School, track down The Lady Writing, the stolen Vermeer painting.

Who is Fred in chasing vermeer?

In Chasing Vermeer, Fred Steadman is the name of the man posing as Tommy's new stepfather. It turns out he is an art thief by the name of Xavier Glitts. Chasing Vermeer was written by Blue Balliett.

Where did petra and calder find the painting in chasing vermeer?

Yes, It turns out Fred was really a infamous art thief who stole the painting and began writing the letters. Calder and Petra find the painting in a hidden compartment in a staircase in Delia Dell hall.

Summary for Chasing Vermeer?

They help find a stolen painting called "A Lady Writing"

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