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The British

The Royal Navy sunk the Bismarck.

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Q: Who sunk the Bismarck?
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When was Bismarck sunk?

Bismarch sunk herself in May 1940.

How many ships did the Bismarck sink?

The Bismarck sunk only one ship. The Hood. The Hood was sailing with the Prince of Whales ship which retreated after the Hood was sunk. The Bismarck set sail on May 19, 1941. British Biplanes hit the Bismarck's rudder and crippled it. It was sunk on May 27, 1941.

How was the Bismarck sunk?

Scuttled by it's crew.

Was the Bismarck made?

Bismarck's keel was laid in 1936. She was completed and launched in 1939. Sunk in 1941.

German battleship sunk by the allies in 1941?

The German battleship Bismarck was sunk by the allies in 1941.

How long was the Bismarck at sea?

The USS Bismarck Sea was the last US aircraft sunk during WWII.

German battleship sunk 1941?

In WWII:the German battleship Bismarck is sunk in the North Atlantic , killing 2,300 .

What British battleship was sunk by one shell from the Bismarck?

No "battleship" was sunk by Bismarck. The "battlecruiser" HMS Hood was sunk by Bismarck on May 24, 1941. Battlecruisers do not have the armor that battleships are built with, being designed for speed and firepower. Hood, however, was larger than any of the British battleships of World War II, and was one of the most heavily armed British capital ships.

What is the last to be sunk?

The aircraft carrier USS Bismarck Sea was the last US aircraft carrier sunk in WWII (during the battle for Iwo Jima).

Where was the battle ship the 'Bismarck' sunk during World War 1?

The Bismarck was a 2nd World War Battleship not a First World War battleship. You are getting the ship confused with the man: "Otto von Bismarck" after whom the battleship was named. Bismarck was the Minister President of the Kingdom of Prussia, who then became the First Chancellor of the German Empire. To answer your question here's a map of where the Bismarck was sunk.

Who was involved in sinking the German ship the Bismarck?

The Bismarck was damaged by a British bi-plane's torpedo, which caused it to swim around in circles, ultimately allowing it to be sunk by British warships.

When was the last aircraft carrier sunk in battle?

The last US Navy aircraft carrier sunk in WWII was the USS Bismarck Sea, lost during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

What us ship sunk its self in World War 2?

Bismarck scuttled itself (sunk itself). Graf Spee scuttled itself (sunk itself). It's Captain also committed suicide, shot himself.

What was cthe name of the giant German battleship built and sunk by the british?

The Bismarck .

Aircraft carrier names?

The USS Bismarck Sea was the last US Navy aircraft carrier sunk in WWII.

What famously sank on 27 May 1941?

The Bismarck. It was sunk during a battle with British forces.

What is the best German warship sunk by the british?

Battlecruiser DKM Schornhorst (actually went down fighting). Bismarck and Graf Spee both committed suicide (sunk themselves/scuttled).

What were the names of the battleships destroyed?

Some Battleships sunk in WW2 include: Bismarck, Graf Spee, Hood, Prince of Wales, Barham, Yamoto...........

What ship sank the Bismarck?

The German battleship Bismarck was sunk on May 27, 1941, by a combined British fleet which included battleships and destroyers. She was however, initially crippled by torpedoes launched from Fleet Air Arm Swordfish biplane aircraft.

When was the last attack on a US aircraft carrier?

The last US Carrier sunk in WWII was the USS Bismarck Sea during the battle for Iwo Jima.

What happened in World War 2 in 1941?

German battleship Bismarck is sunk by the British Navy. Germany invades USSR. Japan attacks US.

Why is the USS Bismarck Sea important in us history?

The USS Bismarck Sea (CVE-95) was the last US aircraft carrier lost in WWII. She was sunk on 21 February 1945 during the Battle of Iwo Jima by Kamikaze planes, with a loss of over 300 crewmen.

The worst casualties occurred aboard what battleship?

DKM Bismarck in 1940 was sunk in a duel with battleships and cruisers of the Royal Navy after a prolonged chase. She suffered more then 2000 lost.

How did the Bismarck sink?

it was sunk by several ships of the Royal Navy (Britain) in the north Atlantic ocean during World War II, using ship-mounted guns and torpedoes

Who won the Battle of the Bismarck Sea?

1. US victory, US aircraft verses IJN destroyers & troop transports. 2. USS Bismarck Sea, sunk during the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945; the last US aircraft carrier lost in WWII.

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